Busy and stressed

Jan 22, 2009

Hi! Since my last post I have been extremely busy, mostly due to work. I've also seen a significant increase in stress. As for the plateau. I've gotten off it. I say Dr. M in Dec 08 and lost 5# in two months. I had a 2nd fill at that time. Dr. M has said he is pleased and satisfied with my performance. He did not recommend a fill but complied with my wishes. The new fill has helped.

Truthfully, I'm struggling with the emotional aspects which hold me captive at times primarily in the form of less exercise, with an occasional poor food choice. The band has made the "eating" part far easier to be aware and in control of amount regardless of the food choice. This awareness was a huge missing piece pre-surgery in my ability to arrest food issues and succeed in losing the pounds. Despite the stumbling block of less exercise for the moment, it is a far easier "block" to overcome than the food consumption.

For anyone considering this option, the MOST important pieces to continue following surgery besides diet/exercise is SUPPORT GROUP and COUNSELING (if needed). These two components are KEY to me not failing.



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