One pound to go....

May 22, 2008

to reach my first "goal"  WHOO!!! 

I can't belive it. I've finally begun seeing the weight come off consistently. Do you know how long it has been since this has happen??  About 5 years, 
F I V E  years. I'm so thrilled. Now here's some more good news.

At the office we have several group pictures that have been taken over the years hanging in the break room. Two of my co-workers happen to look at them. They both made their way to my office and commented, positively, that they can see a HUGE change. They both said, and I quote, "You look like you've lost a 100# since the first picture and at least 30 to 50# since the last one taken 3 1/2 years ago". They said I should go look. I did and I was so surprised to see the difference. It is so hard for me to see it some times on a daily basis. This was such a great boost to my ego.

The second great thing happened tonight. I went to a cycling class at the gym. I managed 30 mins total. My knees held up well. I even stood every other time the class did for the entire count. I also kicked the tension up from zero to 4. Such a great feeling to be able to participate in an activity I actually LIKE! (I hate walking). I am motivated to continue and know that as more weight comes off I'll improve. 

WHOO!!  I'm feeling very good about myself, my progress, my looks and my weight. I can not wait to feel even better.

Meeting w/Dr. M

May 16, 2008

Whoo!  I met with Dr. M today after an awful drive. What should have been just an hour took an hour and a half. So, I was late for my appointment and that makes me antsy. I hate being late. 

Despite the rain, the drive and the tardiness, I was quite pleased with Dr. M's assessment. He felt I'm on tracking and doing just fine. As a result, he did not feel a fill was needed at this time. That's right NO FILL. In six weeks since my post op, by his scale, I've lost 8.5#. That's just over a pound a week. Dr. M answered all my questions and provided some guidance. The one thing he'd like me to improve on is my exercise. 

I'm getting in about 4 days a week at 60 minutes per day. At least one of those days is a strength training session. I've been wearing my pedometer and striving to get 5k steps during working hours (I have a desk job, so this gets me moving). 

The only thing I've had difficulty with (ok not the only thing) is drinking enough in between. I think that might be holding me back some. Otherwise, all is well. I'm feeling good, continue to meet with the counselor and am changing food behaviors. I was so pleased to hear that Dr. M is happy with the progress to date and does not see a need for any "major" changes.

I go back in 5 weeks. Let's strive for a pound or more a week.

First fill coming up soon

May 13, 2008

This Friday will be my first fill. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Drs. scale says and what his opinion is of my progress. Ok, not the Dr. per se but his PA. I haven't seen Dr. M since before the pre-op visit. I attended group last nite and felt great afterwards. It was wonderful to hear experienced "lap-ers" answer my questions and share their stories. I felt so much of my anxiety over my progress fade away. I've realized I'm doing just fine!

The group gave me some questions to ask the PA on Friday. I also learned that everyone at last nites group, including 2 who are 18 months out, meet with Dr. M. I'm the only one whoes been scheduled with his PA. I wonder why, though I'm sure there are valid reasons. 

My Food Diary

May 04, 2008

I met up with one of my Lap Band group members and OH friend on Friday. I was so thankful that she could find the time to meet up with me. I was feeling ansty and worried I was messing up because I had not lost any weight in 3 weeks. Of course, I weighed myself that morning and was down 3 pounds. Thank goodness!!

She reassured me that I was doing well and following the plan. I may not be really restrictive like some group members but I'm sticking to it. She did say if I was really restrictive then I would probably see more of a loss but she applauded me in not putting myself in a position where I felt like I was denying myself good things once in a awhile. She also applauded me in not being "loose" with the diet either, meaning semi-following the plan, as that would mean I'd lose much slower and run the risk of falling back into old habits. 

I really needed that conversation. I had not attended any of the group meetings the month of April mostly due to recouperation. I'll be attending this month and getting back on track with it. During the course of our conversation she mentioned using as a way of tracking your foods, calories, protien and exercise. After returning home I checked out the site but feel it's a little too complex and unwieldly for me and so have decided to rejoin I used to belong to this site and found it very helpful. 

Now I have OH and My food diary site to help me record thoughts, feelings, weight track and food track. I just need to stay honest with myself and keep focused on what I need to do to make this a success.

Lake Placid conference and real food

Apr 30, 2008

Well, I'm back from a two day conference in Lake Placid. As you can probably guess the conference included meals. There was a buffet breakfast both days, a buffet dinner, a sit down lunch, a sit down dinner, a bag lunch the last day and two networking socials set with cheese/crackers and finger foods. The best meal was the bag lunch, I had a half of a small chicken salad wrap. The worst meal was the sit down dinner which consisted of 4 oz slice of rare beef, 5 oz of lightly breaded chicken breast, about a 1/4 cup of mashed chive potatoes, about a 1/2 cup of sliced peppers & green beans mix, a small ranch mesculne mix salad, a dinner roll and a small slice of chocolate cheesecake. 

Well, I could not eat that dinner. Or at least very little of it. I had 1/4 of the salad, ate all the beef and 1/8 of the chicken, 2 small bites of potatoe and 2 small bites of the veggies. No bread and no dessert. That's all I could manage anymore would have seriously started causing major tightness in my chest. I had a very slight feeling of tightness. 

Breakfast was some eggs, a slice of crisp bacon, 1 small sauage and 2 pieces of melon, 1 piece of pineapple and 2 small grapes (you know the fruit cup they put out that mixes these things. The second day I had a slice of toast with PB, some eggs and a crisp bacon slice. 

Sit down lunch was a grilled cesaer salad. I ate the chicken which I estimate to be about 4 oz. I had about three small bites of salad. I also ate 1/8 of the double chocolate cake (about 3 small bites).

I did have a few pieces of cheese and crackers but not with my drinks.

My splurge was the cake, 1/2 of a 4oz glass of white wine and 1/2 of a 8 oz glass of Saranac Beer. 

I exercised Sunday (day of arrival at conference) for 1 hour on the machines, I walked 30 mins Monday (outside), I walked my local rail trail for 1.5 miles in 50 mins last nite and tonight I worked out with the group at the trainers for 60 mins of strength training. 

I think I did good. What do you all think??  I'd like feedback since I'm new to this and I don't want to "mess up". I've been trying hard to select small portions and listen to my body when enough is enough. At home, I've been measuring out my portions and keeping a meal to what the NUT said was ok.

Thanks everyone for the feedback! 

No changes, some advice

Apr 26, 2008

Well there has been no weight change in two weeks. However, I've connected with some group members. They've advised me that this is normal and happens to some people. They said it's true your monthly cycle can stall you but more likely that you either need a fill and/or need to increase your exercise. I've been slow to increase my exercise. This past week I walked outside thrice (1.25 miles each time) and met with the trainer once. I've been careful with the food keeping the total amount of food to no more than a cup per meal. I have found that I need to have something mid morning cuz my stomachs are rumbling at that time. Since I'm at work I've found having a Slim Fast works well. I've started wearing my pedometer again and have clocked 4,000 steps a couple of days at work. I'm trying to build that up to 5,000 or more a day during work hours. This would get me away from my desk (my job is a desk job). I can easily put in another 5k or more by exercising after work. That's what I'm trying to build up to.

The great thing this week is while talking with a new friend I learned that she enjoys golfing!  This is great, I have not had friends who would be willing to do the things I like. I have friends, yes, but most of the time we engage in activities that are generally their favorite things. I don't mind cuz what is important to me is enjoying spending time with that friend. What would be nice is if once in awhile they'd be willing to go hiking, antiquing, swimming, golfing, cycling, go to a sporting event, visit a meuseum or a classical concert. Unfortunately, the majority of my friends are not interested in those things. I have one or two that would but due to our busy lives and their significant others we've only just started scheduling an outing once a month. This new friend, I've known her casually for two years now,  we've only just begun to get to know each other. It sounds like we might be able to meet up weekly. That would be great!

I'm not going to worry about the weight. I feel strongly now that I have all the tools to succeed this time for GOOD. Though I have not yet broken through my personal plateau, I know it will happen. I'm going to focus on enjoying a "new" regular meals, increasing my exercise, developing the new friendship, getting back into golfing, enjoying the weather and continuing to work on the mental/emotional aspects.

No loss this week

Apr 20, 2008

Well I haven't lost any weight this past week. Could it be the adjustment to soft foods (they are quite different from liquids)?  Could it be my impending period, due to start in the next day or two? Could it be too many calories and not enough exercise? Could it be a need for an adjustment?

It could be all these things and more. I can control the amount of exercise, the foods and any stressors but I can't control the other two possibilities I mention above. I'm not due for a fill until 5/16/08 and that is only if the Dr feels a fill is needed. I admit, I have not been exercising quite as much as pre-surgery. Yes, my body needs to heal as I've been feeling that between my exercises. However, I have to admit that I had become somewhat lazy about exercising or I should say depressed since it wasn't helping much. But, that is the past. The future is before me and the present is today. Today and for the future I need to beginning following Meg's ardent suggestion that we exercise every day for no less than 60 mins. Meg (was Dr. M's NUT, a good one too) has moved on but her experience, wisdom and care are still around. 

I'm looking forward to returning to being busy starting tomorrow. Yes, I finally return to work. It's a good routine to have and can help me establish the other routines (food plan/exercise plan) that are needed to succeed. 

I'm ok with stalling but I did not think it would happen this quickly. So, I'm still waiting to drop below this level that I've reached on my own several times despite always regaining. I don't want to regain, anything!!!  But, I don't want to stay here either.

Nothing new

Apr 16, 2008

Well things have continued to improve, health wise. I still have some soreness around the incisions, occasional tightness in chest and gas continues to be an issue though mostly in the evenings. I still fatigue after a short bout of exercising but that is to be expected. I've been walking and doing the water fitness class this week. I'm very happy to be eating mushy foods as it gives me something with texture. I still find mornings tough so have stuck with the liquidy foods such as smoothies or watery oatmeal/cream of wheat.

I have a slight pain on the left side and back but I feel it is unrelated to the band. I'm fairly sure it's muscle fatigue due to sleeping on my left side. All the pressure from the weight doesn't help and since I have not been strength training in nearly a month. I had this same problem before when I was on vacation for 3 weeks and did not do any strength training.
I return to work next week so will be adding a stressor to my life. However, I know I can handle it better now so am not worried. 

Lately, I have received several messages on this site from individuals who want to become "friends". I tend to be a cautious person, especially when it comes to the internet. It is too easy to "hide identities here". I checked out the profiles of those who contacted me. None of them have filled anything in except for the username, location, member, bmi, surgery type and surgeon. To me, that is not enough to decide if this person is someone I can trust sharing info with. I think one can find information out from reviewing the profiles. If one wants a closer "friendship" then I feel they need to have a profile which I can learn from before any "friendship" starts. 

We will see what happens.

NUT stamp of approval

Apr 15, 2008

Yea!!  The NUT approved my recipes and food plan for when I begin my "new" eating lifestyle May 1st. I've graduated to mushy foods and have returned to water fitness class at the gym. The NUT's scale reads the same as mine so that was good. I'm looking forward to a continued decrease in poundage and hope the increase in exercise will be a boon.

I have had no problems until this morning. I woke up and had a sharp pain in the area where the scars are. It's in an area that is really between two scars. However, after a couple mintues the pain went away. So far today, I've only felt that sharp pain occasionally and always when I turn my torso or bend over at the waist. I may have overdid the water exercise yesterday afternoon. I went to the class this morning but I think I'll pass for tomorrow and just walk. 

The weather couldn't be better. It is truly spring now. I'm so glad to be outside. I have my shopping list for the remainder of my mushy foods and will be doing that tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to being more active and having more fun.

NUT visit tomorrow

Apr 13, 2008

I see the NUT tomorow. I'm hopefully her scale shows a loss. It's been 3 weeks since I last saw her prior to the surgery. She had me at the same weight at my pre-op Dr's visit. Though my scale now has me at 279# (WHOO!!), I hope her's reads the same. 

I've cobbled together a food plan for when I can begin the "new" regular diet. I'm looking forward to her feedback on that. I'm hopefully, she'll say I can "graduate" to soft/mushy foods. I'm so very tired of liquids as there is so little chomping. I really would like to sink my teeth into something. But, I'm more excited about seeing a continuing weight loss.

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