Prep for surgery

Mar 08, 2008

Ok this is not going be easy. No, not the diet but the logistics. I live an hour from the the surgeon/hosptial. I have no family in the immediate area. Parents are currently out of town and returning several days after the surgery. At the moment the surgeon's office hasn't been very informative regarding logistics such as how soon after can I drive, what time would I be released the next day, do I need to have observation once home and if so for how long. These are important questions because I will need to rely on friends for assistance at least till the folks are back in town. To be fair to my friends I really need to be talking with them now so if they can assist (ie: ride to/from hospital, stop in to check on me, etc) they will have the time to make whatever arrangements they need in their life. I can't wait for answers to come on 3/24 when pre-op appointment is and just one week before surgery. So, I'll be calling Dr. M's office to get some more specifics. Hopefully, they will work with me. 

Though I'm thrilled with the date, it really would have been a very nice courtesy if Dr. M's office had called me to discuss what date would be best. I, too, work with people and as a results I have client appointments already scheduled into the first week of April. My time is also important, I do have others to consider and do need to make arrangements. Sadly, the medical industry rarely takes that into consideration. 

I've contacted the nutritionist so will see what needs to be done on that end. I do have the diet papers and am reviewing them. I'm really looking forward to this. I'm going to step up my exercise from a it's current 3 days a week of 60 mins a pop. I'll start adding small things, like parking further from the entrance and start taking the stairs at work (slowly, two or three floors to start - office is on 7th).

I'm going to make this work, be my most successful and last weight loss plan ever. I AM GOING TO BE AN OBESITY SURVIVOR not an obese person. 

3/6/08 Surgery scheduled

Mar 06, 2008

I've finally received an actual date for surgery. April Fools Day!!  Yup, April 1st. I sincerely hope it's not a prank  :-)    My goals this weekend is to review the pre-op info/diet info and prepare the frig for it to start quite soon. I'll be informing my support network as well. I'm jumping up and down inside. I am so happy to obtain a tool that will finally allow me to be consistent and finally succeed in becoming an obesity survior.


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