I am 48 years old and I have systemic lupus. I have been fighting weight issues for all my life. I remember being thin when I was little up to about 5th grade and I started gaining weight. When I was 13 I was put on hormones to stop cysts from growing and I gained more weight and it became more difficult to take off. When I turned 28 I was finally diagnosed with Lupus and the put me on high steroid and I gain an enormous amount of weight that never came off. At this point I am not able to exercise because I get itchy and my lupus acts up plus my body is in such pain. I want that option for my life again. My life has been full of bumps and curves and it is no different than others I am sure. One day I realized I was so tired of being in physical pain of my illness and on chemo for it and needed to do something.

I talked with my doctor about the new drug on the market and that is when I was told about wls option. After years of fear I am ready and believe that this is the right move for my health and for my overall well being.

Am I nervous? of course I am but I have great support with my husband and the rest of my family. They see that to loose this amount of weight with the meds I am on can only work with this help now. I am ready and can't wait for my day.

Everyone thinking about WLS please do it for yourself, when you are ready and only then otherwise you will not embrace it. Once I made the decision a committed decision it was like I could freely breathe for the first time. I realized I was happy actually feeling happy again in all things in my life. So it helps to take charge again when you are ready.

I am there 7/23/14 at 7:30 am!

Love and Light to all

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