Like so many of us I started out as the "fat kid"
I was 118lbs at 5 years old.  After many tests at John Hopkins they said I was physically fine just ate too much for my activity level.
Was put on many diets and by 3rd grade was down to a healthy weight.  then in High School started to balloon up again till a girl I had a crush on said "you are a good looking guy if you would just lose weight"  I then spent the summer of my junior year at the beach swimming every day and eating only the minimum. 
Had a good senior year.
Then at college started gaining again.  Got fatter and fatter till I went on the Optifast program and lost 120LBS, and my photo graphic memory, and got Gout, not much of a tradeoff. 
Ended up with 3 EX- fiancés a poor opinion of women and a ruptured disk from skiing, which led to weight gain again.
On a high note I ended up though with a good wife who looked beyond the fat and like what she saw apparently since she asked me out.  I did ask her to marry me though.  Was shocked when she said yes.
Became diabetic and then on insulin and more weight gain. 
Finally at my Dr. urging and my wife crying at the thought of loosing me young I started looking at Bariatric Surgery.

Now the journey begins.

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