So here's my story, I have been thinking about WLS for about 2 years now. My brother who was a parapalegic was my biggest reason for holding off on the surgery. I used to help take care of him and I never wanted to not be able to lift him and help out, so that is why I put the surgery off. My brother passed away in January leaving me to pursue this surgery. Ironically, I had an orientation meeting scheduled for a week after he passed away.

I have been obese most of my life, weighing over 200 pounds since I was 10. I have been on diets up and down all of the time. My first husband was abusive and that just made me run to the food more and more. 
After my first marriage ended I moved back home with my family and that is where I live now with my wonderful husband.
I am pursuing WLS for my health. My family has a history of hypertension and loads of other heart related problems. I am sick of feeling so awful all of the time. 

SO I had my consultation and the only approval I need is from my sleep study which I am doing this week. My insurance approved me rather quickly, so I am pleased with that.

My surgery will be done at the Barix Clinic in Langhorne, PA. Thankfully, I live in the same town as the clinic. I would like to connect with some people.

I think the biggest things I have questions about is the diet????? And I guess not knowing what I will look like as a thin adult. I know no one can answer that question for me, but I often wonder.

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