Almost 4 weeks out...

Feb 19, 2011

Just about 4 weeks out and down 30lbs!  Im feeling good and looking good and I love it.  The surgery itself went splendidly...  I cannot complain about the pain since I didn't have much at all.  I really hadn't had access to my computer lately to update my journey, but its going great.  I'm loving an egg, cottage cheese, greek yogurt (kinda hehe), or definitely peanut butter and banana cracker sandwiches on occasion.  And certainly have not gotten enough protein so far.  I'm sick of shakes!!  But I will keep trying new stuff (as approved by the doc and my nutritionist) and try to get as close to completing my 70g of protein goal daily.      
I love my flintstone gummy vitamins, and my prescription of pepcid is a life saver especially now that I'm eating some things!  I really hope to keep up with my blog as I know it keeps me more aware of myself and accountable!  But for now, I must go...and I will be back for more later!


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