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Aug 14, 2009

Well, Tuesday was the day of my 1 week follow-up.  The bulk of the apointment was ued to check my legs out because of the SEVERE pain I was having.   Bad news was it was most likely DVT... good news??? I had lost 35 pounds since a week before my since I started the full liquid till 1 week after surgery, I lost 35 pounds!!! That's amazing  in 14 days!!!    Only problem is I also was low in potassium and magnisum becasue since I was in so much pain and had such reflux, I could hardly tolerate anything besides water and apple sauce for 7 of those 14 days. drama,  I had the ultra sound....left leg is fine....right leg has clots.   So after about 6 hours of sitting in the ER waiting for a room to be available, and going into total A-Fib (heart rate blasted from 64 bpm to 154 bpm) I was finally in my room.  Not too bad the first night...but the pain was almost unbearble, I had actually used a cane to go to my post op cuz i really couldnt put weight on the leg.  Second day  nice quiet room mate left to go home..and was replaced with a Jamican woman who was severly mentally handicapped.  Her family all rallied around her..and it was nice to see...but unforunatl very very very LOUD!!!   I got no sleep the night before due to the pain and constant blood preasure checks.    SO need less to say my patience was wearing thin....  not the girls fault... but omg   I thought I was gonna pull my heair out.     SO I wound up being in till today ...with my Jamican friends....(things did calm down eventually with them),  sent home on more blood thinners...and will possible be going in for outpatient placement of a stint (or screen) to keep the clots from dislodging and traveling.     Scarey thought!!  But so far I'm feeling a bit better.    Doc says the pain will be there for several more days till the blood thinners work more and the clots are re-absorbed.     Sent me home with some percocette.  (makes me loopy and sleepy as hell) andf said to stay on bed rest till I dont feel pain anymore.      Sighhhhhh.....I know next year this time I will be jumping for this moment I'm still kinda in the slef loathing stage of "I did this to myself....this is what I wanted....I begged for this .......blah blah blah....." but im sure this too shall pass!! 

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