Wow Moment!!

Jan 18, 2010

Finally...another wow moment to keep me motivated!! I have had a pair of Jeans in my closet for over 4 years now.  I loved them the day I bought them.  Got them on clearance sale and they couldnt be returned.   Got them home and was so sad cuz they didn't fit.  I could get them over my hips, but not my belly.  It was a terrible feeling.  I thought..ok...I'll lose a few pounds and they will I put 'em in the closet.  After that my weight slowly crept up and up...and those damn jeans were in the closet.  I couldn't give them to Good Will, cuz I swore I would fit 'em one day.   (thought it seemed that day would never come) Year after year..they hung in that closet.....and year after year I gained and gained.   I thought ok...Maybe my daughter will wear em...   she hated them.   so no luck there.   Well...Today I put on those Wonderfull jeans..and guess what??? not only  do they fit...but they fit loosely!!!  They wont fit for im gonna wear em every chance I!!!   For all the hell that we go through with these sure is nice to have the moments like this!!!   
    Now as for the doesnt seem to be moving. I lose a pound or two and gain a pound or two.  But nothing major....but my body seems to be changing even if the numbers on the scale are not.  My son says its cuz fat takes up more room than even though the scale isnt moving, im more fit and thats why they pants fit.....who cares at this long as my body is changing and my health is improving....(and I fit those damn wonderfull 4 year old out of style jeans) I'm HAPPY!!! Exstatic really!!! 


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