Wow Moment #2

Feb 21, 2010

Today I had another "WOW Moment"!!  I purchased a used loft bed set on craigs list for my 18 year old son Brian.  He moved back home a couple months ago when he and his girlfriend split up.  Since than he has been sleeping on the living room floor on a blow up mattress. I dont really want my living room looking like a dorm room,but the kid needs to be off the floor anywayz.... He was sick today so my older son James and I had to go get the set.  It was in a second floor apartment.   I climbed those stairs ...up and then down with heavy metal bed pieces and parts....not once, not twice, but THREE times..and OMG!!! I'm still alive and not totally exhausted!!!! I cant believe that.  Last year this time I could hardly step up a curb or walk from the car witht out being exhausted and in massive pain...sweating....panting and gasping for air.   I would have died if I had even attempted this.    So, though I still have my moments of doubt..."why did I do this to myself"...when I eat too fast or cant have bread with my deli meat, or when everyone is eating Pizza and I cant cuz of the bread...... It's moments like this that really seal the deal for me.  That make me realize that no matter how many things I go with out....and no matter how abnormal I feel at times because i'm alterd and diffrent, THIS IS SOOOOOOO WORT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I've only lost about 86 pounds to date...I cant wait to see what I feel like  when I reach my goal!!!

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