1 year out.....

Aug 03, 2010

Well, I'm one year out yesterday, and i've lost 100 pounds to date. 
   I have to say that this has been the best decision I have ever made. I have had lots of ups and downs,. lots of learning experiences and lots of tears.  I am now in my 3rd stand still where it comes to weightloss. I kinda go up 3 pounds, then down 3 pounds...up 7 pounds...down 9 pounds.   I have to be honest that some of that is my own faullt...I have slacked off on the gym and the calorie and fat counting, I do keep up with my protein count and take all my vitamins and supliments, and I dont eat large protions, but I really havent been carefull.  I'm sure as soon as I start behaving again I will do fine.  
   I guess my point  is that I feel like I'm a success story.  I can move, walk, sleep, tie my shoes and wipe my tush.  I have cut down on my diabetes meds, lowerd my dose of blood preasure meds.  I have gone to concerts again, I shop and go places I would have never gone last year this time,  I look and feel a billion times better...and I'm looking for a job for the first time in over 8 years.   None of this could have been possible without the surgery....as a matter of fact, I dont know if I'd even still be here.   I was so sick for so long!!   So all in all...I'd say Im happy.  Now if I could just convince someone to hire me so I can be a productive part of society and show off some of my new business atire, I'd be GREAT!! lol Seems no one wants to take a chance on somene who has no RECENT work history.   So for now, I'm on the job hunt, There has to be someplace that wants a seasoned, healthy, experienced and well rested customer service rep........and until I find that place, I'm going to get back to behaving myself and making my sleeve happy.......next year this time I want another hundred gone!!!!
    Maybe some plastics too for these new body 'areas" I have.  ie...my Hi Janes (flabby forearms, they wave and say "Hi jane" before I get the chance), what I call bat wings (excess skin over the back of my bra strap), my sways (skin on my upper thighs that sways as I walk), the elephant skin on my lower legs and ankles, and omg....where the hell are my breasts going????   My empty tummy stuffz that hang low...lower and lower with each pound....and dont forget my turkey gobbler.......gotta love that one...I never knew I was old till I lost 100 pounds....lol.   No I'm not complaining..It is all better than what was going on before the surgery......    Life is a journey...a funny, silly, trying, emotional and ever changing trip!!   And Im really happy im gonna be around a long time to take that trip!!!! <3

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