My Story...Hmmm grab a chair and hold on... LOL Well pretty much mystory is that I love food, that is just the jist of it all. and in doing so I have beome a victim of my own demise. I have always battled my weight for as long as I can remember, and along with that I have always been very self concious about it. things for me have been as such for many years, my weight would yo-yo up and down so much, Iseemed to have 2 sets of clothes for different times of the year. Finally i see my self not really loosing, just gaining and to where Ihave finaqlly just been disgusted with myself for this. I have tired so many things as Iam sure all of have, and still nothing worked. I guess the final for me is when I went to the Dr. on a regular routine check up and myweight had goten to 322, Iwas like what? no way your scales are wrong!!! well they werent. And on top of that my BP was elevated and I jsut sat there thinking this sucks... really sucks.
My family has a history of obesity and I see what it has done to them. Anyway I was previously looking into the GS as an option, went to a seminar and afterwards was not comfortable with the idea of a foreign object in my body. After some research I came across the VSG and Dr. Alvarez. And after much research and thinking and more thinking and research I made the decision to get my VSG, which took place on 10/12/2010.
People ask me why and I tell them that in all honesty I was first and for most not happy with myself. I would avoid getting my photo taken, I would avoid looking at myself in the mirror because I did not like it, or myself. I would tie my shoes and I could feel the pressure on my chest. My wife and I just went on a trip to KEY West and I had to ask for a seat belt extension on the plane..... and that is very embarrassing.  And another reason was I do not want health related issues that go along with being obese... as my extended family has. And finally if I must say so, and I am sorry for sounding ?????? whatever you want to call it, I am very blessed to have a Young and very "HOT" wife. Even though she loves me dearly and never complained, I myself wanted to look ad feel much better for her as well. I know she loves me no matter what, but it was me who wanted to feel better about us. We want to have children in the near future and that too was a factor, I want to live longer and enjoy them as much as I can. I know the future is much brighter for me and my family as a whole.... Good luck everyone....

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