100 Lbs. and still going... And going....

Jun 25, 2011

Well I have been waiting for this day, actually it occured a couple days ago but have been busy and decided to take time and update this blog... Soooooo I am oficially down 101 Lbs as of today, (8.5 Months post op) just got back from the gym and had a great workout as usual and relly trying to take it all to the next level. I was unable to workout... I know no excuse but was gone from home for 14 days and was attending company training in Louisiana. Thought I would have some place to work out but my hopes were soon a reality when I got there. So for 2 weeks I did not exercise and to very honest the food was not really that good unless you like fried EVERYTHING.... I dont, but I had very little options as I was unable to go any place. But thru it all I made it out of there and by my own merits I can happily say I dropped a couple of pounds, maybe it was my refusal to eat that stuff. So as soon as Igot back I hit the gym... HARD, and it felt really good. Funny how you miss something like this. I am soon scheduled to depart for work, My new job and I am told I will have good workout facitities there so I am looking forward to this.
I have been riding my bike to the gym every other day, about 10 miles R/T. So that has helped. I swim on opposite days, and still try to ride my bike, but with this 100 Degree heat I am cautious about heat stress.
I am planning on going on a 50 mile ride tomorrow, so for today I will hydrate as much as possible... Wish me luck.
I am in hopes that I will be able to attend the meeting Jessica has planned, I would like to meet all of you.
Ok have a great day everyone.....I hope to see all of you soon


Want to change my goal weight?

May 27, 2011

Hmmm was thinking of changing my goal weight.... LOWER of Course... Maybe I should get to the original first then set another.
What do you think?

Getting there

May 27, 2011

Hello again
Today is Friday, 27th of May. This is Exactly 7.5 months post op and to be totally honest I have never felt so good. And to be totally honest my own self esteem and confidence is so much better. 
I am happy to say I am down to 227 lbs.  and that means a loss of 95 BIG FAT POUNDs so far. I have really kicked it up a notch or two since my last post in the exercise department. As of Yesterday I am doing 50 flights of stairs on the Stair-Master, in addition to riding my bike 10 miles R/T to the gym, I am doing some serious weight lifting. My love handles are almost gone... I have been doing lots of cardio, and the opposite days I dont hit the weights I go to the gym and swim laps in the pool. I was doing all this everyday, but I noticed I was very tired and sore and could not preform as good as I should have. So needless to say I had to change things up, swimmig laps one day, and then serious weights / cardio on the opposite day. Seems to be working much better.
I am also happy to say I am comfortably wearing size 36" jeans... I honestly can not remember the last time I was in that size... Maybe high-school. Would love to get in a 34.... I will continue to work hard at that . I finally got around to cleaning out all my FAT clothes. WOW, was that a task. I kept 1 pair of panst and shirt as a vivid reminder to myself. I tried those on a week ago and was just totally blown away at the difference and then I was totally disgusted with myself for getting so fat...
Anyway I wish allof you a good memorial Day weekend... be safe
Eddie :) :) :)



May 05, 2011

I forgot to mention, at this point there are "NO MORE" X's in my clothing size... Yee Haw Baby... Seriously I can now were a large shirt.. and depending on the maker maybe even a medium size, but the main thing is, no more 3X /2X, XL shirts. My shoe size even went down 1/2 a size...
I had a BIG OLE pile of Fat clothes in my closet.. but gave my nice shirts and pants toa consignment store and am now getting some money back from them. My other stuff went to Goodwill. SO needless to say, my closet is pretty much empty. Shopping for clothes has been fun, I can but off the rack and Iknow they will fit...
Ok, all for now
Be safe and have a great day
Eddie :) :) :) :) 

Oh how good I Feel !!!

May 05, 2011

Hello everyone,
It has been a couple of months since Ilast posted on here, SORRY!!!! you know, work and all keeps us busy.
But anyway let me get to the good parts. Damn, I feel awesome. And I am told I look good as well, but that is others not me saying this. Anyway As of yesterday I am down 87 BIG FAT pounds... amazing. I have been home for a couple weeks, due to me changing jobs which has really helped me get on a full blown exercise plan. I did buy a bike a few weeks ago and am now riding to the gym every morning, 10 miles round trip and then I  hit the weights and run thru my routine, I then swim 12-14 laps in the pool and finally hit the jacuzzi and sauna for the finale and my ride home. I am down from a 48"/ 50" waiste to a 38" waist and I do believe I can fit into those 36" jeans I just bought. The 38's are getting a little looser. 
TO say I feel good is an understatement, I can honestly say I feel amazingly good. As for my diet, well in all honesty I eat what ever I want, I dont really feel neglected or want to much. I feel like I want and I am eatting much healthier than ever in my life, but if I do for some reason crave something I get it and what is amazing is that after a couple of bites the urge or desire is gone and I am satisified. I have never been a big red meat person, but fish and chicken get destroyed in my house... LOL Lots of freash veggies on the grill, and salads of course. But over all I lead a normal and healthier lifestyle.
I had my surgery done by Dr. Alvarez... ( Dr. A as we call him)
I am so happy and thankful for finding him...
and to all the others out there who are contemplating this... Just do it!!!! it will change your life and you will be much happier. Be safe everyone and Ido hope to hear from you all soon

10 weeks Post op.. Feeling Great

Dec 26, 2010

Hello everyone.. Ok Thank God the holiday feast is over... LOL. Iactually did very good, cooked for the whole family that was visiting and had a very good time. Been going to the gym, every other day. I feel so good. I put on another pair of jeans Ihad not had on in over 4 years.. amazing I thought and it just makes you feel so good. Ihave a BIG pile of clothes, nice clothes that I can no longer wear. I have basically went from a XXL to a Large now, and a pant size 50 to 40... so it is great I am so excited. My weight loss has slowed down alot, but that is good. Iwant it to come off slowly... ok all for now. Have a great day everyone... TTYL

8 weeks post op/ Down 54.5 LBS

Dec 15, 2010

Hello everyone, sorry for the long delay, but my job is such that I am gone for 28 days at a time. so I just got back Monday afternoon and rested up and hit the gym first thing tuesday morning. I have "NOT" weighed myself in the past 28 days, so I was anxious yet nervous to see the results. I think the results were a little less than I had hoped for, but hey, another 10.5 lbs is good. Would rather take it off slow then too fast. I did notice that I was loosing inches... I had literally put 5 holes into my belt during that time. I took a pair of my work pants with me that would not quite fit, and now they fit well. I had to go out and buy a couple of work shirts, the ones I have / had are much to big.
So I came home and was anxious to try on some of my old jeans... and yes... that fit so good. I sure did miss them. I currently have one more pant size that has been missing me and then... I guess it will be time to buy some new ones. I think that will be a couple of months away.
I came home with the idea of working out very hard and doing lots of cardio, I have a tread mill where I work, but there has been to many 300 # plus men on it and when you are running full out it has a tendencay to slip in mid stride, so I dont want to injure myself doing this.
I ate prettyy much anything I wanted at work, but really did want to control the kind of food I did eat. It worked out pretty good. It doesnt take much to be full. I did have one problem, and if anyone has any good suggestions then please advise. Even though I drink lots of water, I have been dealing with Constipation. Since being home I have been drinking lots of water and putting some benifiber into it, tasteless and I hope it works well.
Any other ideas. I love yogurt, so I will try that as well.
My work schedule is such that I work, 12 hours on, 12 hours off. I noticed that I was hungry during the 12 hours off, I would wake up and be very hungry. Also when I do eat something, there seemed to be a slight burning sensation in my throat, down low. Maybe this is acid, I dont know. But it is there.

I went to the gym this morning to do a good cardio workout, it felt so good. I did my 3 miles, and part of that was a full out run at 5.5 for about 1/2 mile. That felt so good. I remember some years ago I could do a 9 minute mile, not very world class speed, but it was good for me. Not sure if that is possible now, 2 knee surgeries and a torn Miniscus later... who knows?
So after wards I weighed myslf again because I know and feel my weight will flucuate during the day, so I like an early morning weigh in. Anyway it dropped another 2.5 lbs... hey I will take it. Maybe the fiber stuff did work... ))))

Anyway I amhome for 2 weeks, will try to drop another 5 lbs, eat some better food and keep in contact more. If anyone has any ?'s or comments, please ask or tell.
Ok, back to study, study.... Have a great day everyone

Week 4.5 Post op

Nov 11, 2010

well today is exactly 30 days post op ( VSG 10/12/2010) and I usually weigh myself in once a week on the same day. Unfortunatly I was out of town and not able to do this. So today Iwent to the gym and afterwards weighed myself and was pleasantly suprised to see I was down another 5 lbs. I am so happy about this. a total of 40 Lbs so far. I will be going back to work on Monday night and I hope to continue at this same rate of about 4-5 lbs a week. I am pretty sure it will not be a problem, I just need tomake sure Ieat pleanty of protien everyday.

I cant say my clothes are falling off of me... since I now have been wearing my clothes I could not wear for the past 2 years. Itis amazing, I went into my walk in closet to organize all of my stuff by size and I was literally amazed at how many clothes Iamnot able to wear now since surgery. I amvery happy Ikept my old clothes, some are still brand new with the tags on them, and being Iwork so much the ones I did wear are very new.... ish!!! As I was saying Ihave over 40 pairs of jeans... that Iwas not wearing. Yes I am bad I know. thatis alot of damn money on jeans. Iwill be able toget into all of them soon. Prior to Surgery Ihad to by some new work clothes.... that still have tags and of course do not fit... I am thinking of having a big boys clothes yard sale.. Iwant totry and recoup some of my money. We will see what happens.
I have been trying to eat pretty normal food, It just does not take much to be full. 3-4 bites well chewed and that is it. Ihave not been keeping up on my protien like I should... I will work on that as well. 
the other day I had a little problem, I was eatting to much to fast and it really let me know not to do that. Damn that hurt, so I will make sure it does not happen again.
Ok all for this week... I hope to post more by next tuesday
Have a good weekend everyone

3 week post op...

Nov 02, 2010

Well it has been 3 weeks post op and I am feeling GREAT!!!!  I weigh myself once a week and today was the day, down another 5.5 lbs for a total of 34.5 lbs. Amazing!!! I am now able to wear clothes I havent worn in 2 years, I am so happy I did not get rid of them. So what to do with all the stuff I can no longer wear? Some of the things still have tags on them... and like the rest of my clothes are in like new condition.
Anyway I have been going to gym and have been on the tread mill. Started last week, ( 14 days post op) and was walking about 1.5 miles. I have slowly progressed up to the 3 mile mark. I actually RUN !!!!!! for 1.25 miles and the rest is a quick walking pace for a total of 3 miles. WOW!!! it feels so good.
i am still eating mostly protien shakes, I did try a couple of bites of solid food, but it is amazing how 3 bites and you are full. We went to a GermanFest close to town here over the weekend, Natalia had the German smoked sausage, I had a nibble. I tried the Smoked Turkey leg.... I was thinking Awwww, Protien.. Well I had 3 very small bites and that was it. But it did taste good.

ok all for this week, have a great week. TTYL


2 week post op weigh in

Oct 26, 2010

Hey everyone,
Well did my weekly weigh in and was happy to see 6 more lbs. gone for the week. I will take it, nice and steady!!! So that is a total of 29 lbs so far... I love this stuff
Have a good week everyone.

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