Week 4.5 Post op

Nov 11, 2010

well today is exactly 30 days post op ( VSG 10/12/2010) and I usually weigh myself in once a week on the same day. Unfortunatly I was out of town and not able to do this. So today Iwent to the gym and afterwards weighed myself and was pleasantly suprised to see I was down another 5 lbs. I am so happy about this. a total of 40 Lbs so far. I will be going back to work on Monday night and I hope to continue at this same rate of about 4-5 lbs a week. I am pretty sure it will not be a problem, I just need tomake sure Ieat pleanty of protien everyday.

I cant say my clothes are falling off of me... since I now have been wearing my clothes I could not wear for the past 2 years. Itis amazing, I went into my walk in closet to organize all of my stuff by size and I was literally amazed at how many clothes Iamnot able to wear now since surgery. I amvery happy Ikept my old clothes, some are still brand new with the tags on them, and being Iwork so much the ones I did wear are very new.... ish!!! As I was saying Ihave over 40 pairs of jeans... that Iwas not wearing. Yes I am bad I know. thatis alot of damn money on jeans. Iwill be able toget into all of them soon. Prior to Surgery Ihad to by some new work clothes.... that still have tags and of course do not fit... I am thinking of having a big boys clothes yard sale.. Iwant totry and recoup some of my money. We will see what happens.
I have been trying to eat pretty normal food, It just does not take much to be full. 3-4 bites well chewed and that is it. Ihave not been keeping up on my protien like I should... I will work on that as well. 
the other day I had a little problem, I was eatting to much to fast and it really let me know not to do that. Damn that hurt, so I will make sure it does not happen again.
Ok all for this week... I hope to post more by next tuesday
Have a good weekend everyone


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