8 weeks post op/ Down 54.5 LBS

Dec 15, 2010

Hello everyone, sorry for the long delay, but my job is such that I am gone for 28 days at a time. so I just got back Monday afternoon and rested up and hit the gym first thing tuesday morning. I have "NOT" weighed myself in the past 28 days, so I was anxious yet nervous to see the results. I think the results were a little less than I had hoped for, but hey, another 10.5 lbs is good. Would rather take it off slow then too fast. I did notice that I was loosing inches... I had literally put 5 holes into my belt during that time. I took a pair of my work pants with me that would not quite fit, and now they fit well. I had to go out and buy a couple of work shirts, the ones I have / had are much to big.
So I came home and was anxious to try on some of my old jeans... and yes... that fit so good. I sure did miss them. I currently have one more pant size that has been missing me and then... I guess it will be time to buy some new ones. I think that will be a couple of months away.
I came home with the idea of working out very hard and doing lots of cardio, I have a tread mill where I work, but there has been to many 300 # plus men on it and when you are running full out it has a tendencay to slip in mid stride, so I dont want to injure myself doing this.
I ate prettyy much anything I wanted at work, but really did want to control the kind of food I did eat. It worked out pretty good. It doesnt take much to be full. I did have one problem, and if anyone has any good suggestions then please advise. Even though I drink lots of water, I have been dealing with Constipation. Since being home I have been drinking lots of water and putting some benifiber into it, tasteless and I hope it works well.
Any other ideas. I love yogurt, so I will try that as well.
My work schedule is such that I work, 12 hours on, 12 hours off. I noticed that I was hungry during the 12 hours off, I would wake up and be very hungry. Also when I do eat something, there seemed to be a slight burning sensation in my throat, down low. Maybe this is acid, I dont know. But it is there.

I went to the gym this morning to do a good cardio workout, it felt so good. I did my 3 miles, and part of that was a full out run at 5.5 for about 1/2 mile. That felt so good. I remember some years ago I could do a 9 minute mile, not very world class speed, but it was good for me. Not sure if that is possible now, 2 knee surgeries and a torn Miniscus later... who knows?
So after wards I weighed myslf again because I know and feel my weight will flucuate during the day, so I like an early morning weigh in. Anyway it dropped another 2.5 lbs... hey I will take it. Maybe the fiber stuff did work... ))))

Anyway I amhome for 2 weeks, will try to drop another 5 lbs, eat some better food and keep in contact more. If anyone has any ?'s or comments, please ask or tell.
Ok, back to study, study.... Have a great day everyone


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