Oh how good I Feel !!!

May 05, 2011

Hello everyone,
It has been a couple of months since Ilast posted on here, SORRY!!!! you know, work and all keeps us busy.
But anyway let me get to the good parts. Damn, I feel awesome. And I am told I look good as well, but that is others not me saying this. Anyway As of yesterday I am down 87 BIG FAT pounds... amazing. I have been home for a couple weeks, due to me changing jobs which has really helped me get on a full blown exercise plan. I did buy a bike a few weeks ago and am now riding to the gym every morning, 10 miles round trip and then I  hit the weights and run thru my routine, I then swim 12-14 laps in the pool and finally hit the jacuzzi and sauna for the finale and my ride home. I am down from a 48"/ 50" waiste to a 38" waist and I do believe I can fit into those 36" jeans I just bought. The 38's are getting a little looser. 
TO say I feel good is an understatement, I can honestly say I feel amazingly good. As for my diet, well in all honesty I eat what ever I want, I dont really feel neglected or want to much. I feel like I want and I am eatting much healthier than ever in my life, but if I do for some reason crave something I get it and what is amazing is that after a couple of bites the urge or desire is gone and I am satisified. I have never been a big red meat person, but fish and chicken get destroyed in my house... LOL Lots of freash veggies on the grill, and salads of course. But over all I lead a normal and healthier lifestyle.
I had my surgery done by Dr. Alvarez... ( Dr. A as we call him)
I am so happy and thankful for finding him...
and to all the others out there who are contemplating this... Just do it!!!! it will change your life and you will be much happier. Be safe everyone and Ido hope to hear from you all soon


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