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May 27, 2011

Hello again
Today is Friday, 27th of May. This is Exactly 7.5 months post op and to be totally honest I have never felt so good. And to be totally honest my own self esteem and confidence is so much better. 
I am happy to say I am down to 227 lbs.  and that means a loss of 95 BIG FAT POUNDs so far. I have really kicked it up a notch or two since my last post in the exercise department. As of Yesterday I am doing 50 flights of stairs on the Stair-Master, in addition to riding my bike 10 miles R/T to the gym, I am doing some serious weight lifting. My love handles are almost gone... I have been doing lots of cardio, and the opposite days I dont hit the weights I go to the gym and swim laps in the pool. I was doing all this everyday, but I noticed I was very tired and sore and could not preform as good as I should have. So needless to say I had to change things up, swimmig laps one day, and then serious weights / cardio on the opposite day. Seems to be working much better.
I am also happy to say I am comfortably wearing size 36" jeans... I honestly can not remember the last time I was in that size... Maybe high-school. Would love to get in a 34.... I will continue to work hard at that . I finally got around to cleaning out all my FAT clothes. WOW, was that a task. I kept 1 pair of panst and shirt as a vivid reminder to myself. I tried those on a week ago and was just totally blown away at the difference and then I was totally disgusted with myself for getting so fat...
Anyway I wish allof you a good memorial Day weekend... be safe
Eddie :) :) :)


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