100 Lbs. and still going... And going....

Jun 25, 2011

Well I have been waiting for this day, actually it occured a couple days ago but have been busy and decided to take time and update this blog... Soooooo I am oficially down 101 Lbs as of today, (8.5 Months post op) just got back from the gym and had a great workout as usual and relly trying to take it all to the next level. I was unable to workout... I know no excuse but was gone from home for 14 days and was attending company training in Louisiana. Thought I would have some place to work out but my hopes were soon a reality when I got there. So for 2 weeks I did not exercise and to very honest the food was not really that good unless you like fried EVERYTHING.... I dont, but I had very little options as I was unable to go any place. But thru it all I made it out of there and by my own merits I can happily say I dropped a couple of pounds, maybe it was my refusal to eat that stuff. So as soon as Igot back I hit the gym... HARD, and it felt really good. Funny how you miss something like this. I am soon scheduled to depart for work, My new job and I am told I will have good workout facitities there so I am looking forward to this.
I have been riding my bike to the gym every other day, about 10 miles R/T. So that has helped. I swim on opposite days, and still try to ride my bike, but with this 100 Degree heat I am cautious about heat stress.
I am planning on going on a 50 mile ride tomorrow, so for today I will hydrate as much as possible... Wish me luck.
I am in hopes that I will be able to attend the meeting Jessica has planned, I would like to meet all of you.
Ok have a great day everyone.....I hope to see all of you soon


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