I originally had RNY back in 2001 and for the most part thought it was the best thing I could've done.  I was often asked if I knew I would have the same complications immediately after the surgery would I do it again....my answer had always been YES....a MILLION TIMES YES!!!  However, my answer is slightly different.  Would I have WLS again....ABSOLUTELY!!!  Fact is I am!  On January 11th of 2010, I will be under going a revision to DS.  I had been successful for several years with my RNY as far as my weight loss.  I never did hit my personal goal, but then again I was happy with where I was as far as clothes size was concerned.  I am the type how tends to be OCD with the number....but at the end of the day, wearing a certain size far exceeds what the "number" might mean to me.  To back up just a bit, on the day of surgery for my RNY I weighed a whopping 342 lbs!  HOLY TOLEDO!!! I was HUGE!!  The lowest weight I got to after about a year and a half was about 165 give or take a pound.  I was thrilled!!  Well in 2004 I had my 2nd child and had gained only 19 lbs with that pregnancy.  After the baby was born I got back down to about 175.  Shortly after having her I went in and had a tummy tuck.  I had soooo much excess skin it was hard to get certain articles of clothing to fit properly.  Anyhow...while I was in the hospital after that surgery my weight actually jumped up to about 180-185.  Naturally I was like WHAT THE HELL??? You TOOK weight off and I manage to GAIN???  Um....HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!  Well the Dr explained that it was fluid from the surgery, plus I had to have a blood transfusion due to my anemia (a gift from getting the RNY), and all the swelling, but that by the time I left the hospital I should see the number start to drop.  Guess what...it went down all of like 2 lbs!!!  So for the next 2 years I pretty much stayed at 180-185.  I tried not to concentrate on the number too much, because my size was still good for me.  Well wouldn't you know 2 years later...OOPS...."honey, I'm pregnant!"  That wasn't expected, but very much welcomed!  It was a semi tough pregnancy for me too.  I had issues with fainting because my blood count would drop super low from my anemia, I got a kidney infection that put me in the hospital and just some fun stuff.  Well, my dear hubby was always wanting to make sure the baby was getting plenty of nutrients so he would fix my lunches to take to work and would often have dinner made too.  I gained 25 lbs with this last pregnancy.  And even though I (sorry guys) breast fed, which is supposed to be the miracle weight loss ticket after having a baby, I didn't lose hardly anything.  Initially I lost 10 lbs and nothing more.  Since then (March 24, 2007) I have gained even MORE weight.  I'm not a bump on a log type of person.  I'm active and love being that way....though these days it gets harder cause I often feel like I want to crawl into a shell for feeling so "fat."  Aaah...the ever dreaded word....how I hate thee!!!  Anyways, so at about 225 lbs, I decided to start doing some research.  I was doing everything under the sun to try to lose weight.  I've been taking 2 pilates classes and 2 dance classes (Zumba & Hip Hop....yes white girl can dance ) a week regularly for the past 2 1/2 years.  I even went on Nutrisystem for 3 1/2 months only to GAIN weight!!!  After that happened I knew there was something SERIOUSLY wrong.  I started getting online to see if others have had issues with regain after having RNY.  To my suprise I found SEVERAL SEVERAL SEVERAL!!!!  All for one reason or another.  I knew I was doing everything right, so why the heck am I steady gaining...and boy do I mean STEADY!!  Well I came across all this wealth of information regarding the DS.  Boy do I wish I had known about the DS back in 2001.  I NEVER even heard about this procedure.  And here I thought I had done a damn good job doing my research.  My surgeon sure as hell never told me about it either though.  Anyways whatever...so I decided to go to my PCP and talk to her to see if we can figure out what's going on with me before I tried to seek a revision.  I knew if I was going to have one that the DS would be the procedure of choice.   Well wouldn't you know...they discovered quite the unusual mechanical malfunction.  My small intestine apparently has developed this reservoir that was allowing all the junk taken in to just gather and hang out for awhile, therefore, allowing all sorts of absorption!!  Not only that but I, of course, had stretching too...which my actual pouch hadn't stretched so much, but the opening did.  So....needless to say a revision was most definitely in order AND approved within 2 days!  Now I chose the DS for SO many reasons.  I love the idea of having a more normal lifestyle.  It truly has been a headache with the "side affects" from the RNY: 'dumb'ping and anemia being the bigger ones.  There have been so so  many times we would have a meal.....totally healthy....and I would dump and turn to my husband and literally say "what the hell did we eat??!!"  To not have to deal with that and vomiting from food sticking will be LOVELY!  That is such a horrible pain when you have something sticking...UGH.  But to be able to lose this weight and possibly even actually get closer to that "NUMBER" that I obsess with would be fantastic and then to MAINTAIN it on top of that...I'm ready!!  The statistics regarding weight loss and maintenance with DS vs RNY are just so much more superior....and here I am, living proof that the surgery failed ME...I didn't fail the surgery.  I don't have disillusions that it'll be easy at first, but I'm a very strong willed individual and can get through the roughness to reach the greener pastures.  Jan 11th...I welcome you with open arms!!!  I'm tired now.  It's way past my bedtime.  LOL.  I'll reread this next time I log on and make sure it actually makes sense...HA!

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