Meal Replacements & Vitamins

Dec 11, 2009

So last night I decided to go ahead and order plenty of the meal replacement protein tubs (4) and even went a step further and ordered what  I believe is a 3 months supply of all the vitamins I'll need to be taking daily.  The SouthJerseyBariatrics website has a DS Patience Starter kit, so I did some comparing and decided to jump on it!  I figured I'd get that taken care of so I have everything ready and won't be scrambling around at the store trying to figure out everything I need and how much of everything.  All the guess work has been taken out.  NICE!!  I start my liquid diet on the 28th, so I'm happy that it's at least after Christmas.  I am wondering about New Year's though.  We normally have our midnight toasting, but not sure if that's allowed on the liquid diet or not.  I guess I'll have to find out.  I'm SO ready for it to be Jan 11th already though.  I'm tired of battling.  And to think I was mere seconds away from waving my white flag before I discovered the DS!!  Bring it on!!!! 


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