Hurry up already!!

Jan 04, 2010

Okay so I just got home from my dance class and decided to do a quick blog entry. 
I was watching myself in the mirror (nothing out of the ordinary) for the hour in there and thinking "my goodness I look like CRAP !!!"  All the same though, I do have to give myself kudos for being in there.  It's a hip hop class and all the others in there are normal sized....except for this one chick who is SUPER nice but teeny tiny as all get out.....makes me feel like the elephant in the corner sticking out like a sore thumb.  I've been taking that class for 2 years now and have fun in there.  And I doubt anyone judges me, that is anyone EXCEPT ME!  Alright, that's all I wanted to say.  It's just been such a frustrating 2 1/2 years fighting the beastly scale.  Alright so now I'm gonna go snow boarding on our Wii with the balance board.....getting in an extra little workout for the night.  Geez...I'm gonna be wired tonight!  LOL
HURRY UP ALREADY January 11th!!!!! 


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