My Plastic Surgery Experience

Apr 10, 2008

My first Visit at cosmed was a good one I was impressed with the office, I had consulted  with other surgeons and Cosmed was the best in my opinion. I loved seing so many "american" patients there.. everyone spoke english and they were so busy.. thats good because you know he's a good surgeon if people are  flying in from all over to see him. I was called back to consult with him and he asked me about my WLS and if I was happy with my weight.. bla bla bla.. I told him I knew I was still heavy.. weighing 185 and being 5'6 but that I really wanted those rolls gone. My goal weight was 175 I never had surgery to be super thin just average so he was content with that and agreed to do the surgery. He then told me to go to another room and take all my clothes off. There was a robe there for me to wear and I  put it on.. A nurse and the Dr came in where he asked for me to tell him what was bothering  me.. so I did. I asked him to give me a price for the boobs while he was at it. He drew me up and explained all the pre-op instructions. After that I went into another room with Joyce and she gave me my price.. a few days later I booked my surgery.
The day of my surgery went fast I went into the same room they drew me up in and I was given a pill to take.,. it relaxed me and I put my stuff in a plastic container where they sealed it in front of me. I gave them my camera so they can  take pictures and I went back where they washed my body with Iodine and I layed on a table. I was so scared when  I layed down I was about to ask a question when I realized the anasthesia guy had started putting stuff in  my IV.. I got light headed and dozed off. I woke up in  recovery where I was shaking from the pain, as soon as they noticed it they gave me some pain meds and I fell asleep. I was there overnight and by the next morning at 10 am I was picked up by one of the nurses from the recovery house that I stood at.
The nurse filled my RX and took me to my room where I was given a hospital gown to wear, they catered to my every need and made sure they gave me my meds on time. This is a recovery retreat for women only called La casa de Lilas.. I reccomend this place if your gonna be in T.J for a few days especially after a LBL. Cosmed can give you her number or message me for it.. It's 150 bucks a day but it includes everything and you have hospital beds and a private nurse.

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I dont know what happend to my profile..