It is amazing how all of our stories are pretty much the same. I grew up in a household that loved food and used food as a emotional healer.

As a young person I was active, and thin, but tall or big boned. I got used to it and was very active so I had no real issues with weight. I don't think I noticed weight or dealt with it until my 20's.

I developed PCOS in my 20's and started to go crazy researching everything I could about PCOS. I gained 70 pounds in a quick time frame. I felt as if my body was taken over by an alien. I did not know what to do or how to handle it...

In my 30's I had a huge break up with the man I love. I know he loved me, but he did not like the woman I was becoming physically. Call it vanity, jealousy, spite, etc., but I made a promise to myself after the break up but I wanted to change my lifestyle and my eating habits. To change me....

I realize how out of shape I was, so I started to exercise and walk. Some pounds came off but nothing major.

My doctor asked me time and time again to look at the lap band surgery. I thought he was crazy and was adamantly against it for many years. This year 2009 is my year of change and the year I made a decision to take my life back.

So my surgery date is 12/21/09...........

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