I started off this whole process a couple months ago with the BMI of the beast 66.6. I started getting heavy at about 12. My Dad was very vocal about his food and the only vegetables were potatoes, corn and carrots and two of those aren't vegetables. If Dad didn't like it Mom didn't make it and that lead to some bad eating habits. It also lead to bad dieting habits by 13 because Dad didn't like us fat. So the yo-yo began.

I have been trying to get surgical help with my weight since 2001 but the insurance companies always said it was cosmetic surgery. One of my motivations has been my family. My family are survivalist, just like my parents were when I was little. Not the "Clean the guns and get on the roof" type, but the "Last year we were stuck in a blizzard for 10 days and thank God we have food" type. My daughter is making sure she is ready if the Zombies come, but in general we just want to be prepared.

When my son was one (in 1992) we were in two earthquakes in CA. We were one of the families that didn't have to be helped because we had water and ways to cook when our neighbors didn't and the local Circle K was getting robbed for just water. One of the things I realized recently was that if we ever did have to evac on foot for some reason I would have to be left behind because I could not do it. I had friends and family in Katrina and they had to leave people behind to get others to safety. I didn't want to be that person left behind or force my kids and husband to choose survival or me. So I'm getting help to fix the problem.

One of the reasons I choose the sleeve was the concern over malnutrition but my insurance company took that option away from me. I already have some vit D and Iron issues, and have most of my life. My DR thinks the sleeve with help to make sure that wont get worse but he thinks we can get through this with the RNY. I have discovered that alot of people on the forums are losing 100 or 125 lbs and I'm looking at losing 250+ which has a whole different group of challenges on top of everything else. I was 440 at my heaviest and don't ever want to see that again. My Dads last words to me were "Don't be me" and I'm trying to do that. He had untreated Diabetes for over 10 years and sent himself into the hospital the day after Christmas in 2003 and never came out. I think I'm still a little mad at him about that. He had choices and didn't make good ones for over 20 years, I now have choices and I'm going to make good ones, just like he said to.

Hope this wasn't to down, I would love to share what ever will help and I could use the support too.


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