I can eat SALAD!

Jul 29, 2011

I know most of you post ops will know why this is such a big deal. I have had some PTSD about raw veggies. I blame Jenna! hehe! Her first experiences with raw veggies really effected me too, I talked to my NUT and she said not to worry about it I wont die if I don't eat raw veggies. Before surgery I loved salads, and not just the ones with so much crap on them they don't qualify as healthy anymore. I missed the garden weeds, as my kids called them, I loved them all, baby bib, iceberg, spinach, dandelion, romaine, all of them!

My first experience was this past week when a friend made tuna salad, BTW I seem to like raw tomatoes now too, and she served it in spinach greens. Now I wasn't stupid, I knew I was taking a chance but if your friends cant deal with your foamies then don't plan on having any friends after this surgery, and I didn't try to eat the tough stem pieces. It was AWESOME! So 4 days later I decided to have an actual salad. I only did about half a cup of salad with about 1/2oz cheese and a tablespoon of a low sugar and fat free dressing. Again it was awesome! I am now looking forward to more salads in my future, maybe with some chicken or diced egg on top next.

Still cant believe I ate a raw tomato, weird.


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