Been a long time

Jun 19, 2009

It's been a long time since i've been on Obesity Help.  I'd say a good year or better.  Lots of things have happened in the past year.  I stabalized my weight at 190.  So I lost 140 lbs total in 3 years since surgery.  I went back to truck driving in 2007 and talked Chris into getting his CDL and us teaming up.  He didn't like it very much and after our 1 year tour of duty we called it quits with teaming.  I got a local job for Con-way freight in Greencastle, PA in March, 2008.  In November 2008 the company was going through major cutbacks.  My terminal was doing away with about 40 drivers and i was one of the 40 drivers.  I was either forced to transfer to another terminal or take the separation package.  Since times were tough and jobs to come by I decided that I should transfer, esp since Chris had just lost his job due to cut backs about a month before.  So I transferred out to Springfield, MO (the best terminal i could transfer too out of the 8 i had to choose from).  They only gave me 4 days notice that we had to be in Springfield the next Monday, talk about stress!!!!!  So we up and move to Springfield, MO (we call it Misery), leaving all our family and friends behind in PA and MD which is 1035 miles away and 16 hours of straight driving time (usually takes us anywhere from 20-26 hours to get home depending on how much sleep we get before the trip).  Springfield is ok, but it will never be home for us and as soon as i can transfer back to Greencastle, PA we are out of the state of Misery.   to be continued to tired to keep writing...........


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