Two month post op today! ! !

Apr 20, 2009

Well I am offically down to 289lbs today! I have faithfully been seeing my personal trainer twice a week for 8 weeks now and I am feeling great! I am still having trouble eating solid foods but I try each and every day! My newest crutch is when the solid things don't go down I grab a boost and call it a day! Bad habit but I am trying to get better with the eating thing! I have reached my first goal of getting my weight down under the 300lbs mark and that felt great accomplishing and now my newest goal is to attend two cycling classes at my gym and my personal trainer has even agreed to do the classes with me she is the greatest! Well just wanted to post an update hope all is well with my OH friends out there keep up the good work and ttyl . . .    

one month post op today!!!!

Mar 23, 2009

Completed my third session with my personal trainer today! I have lost 4 more pounds and I start back to work today! I cleaned out my closet yesterday and got ride of four pags of clothers sizes 24W and 26W! I am comfortably wearing a size 22W! This process is a slow long haul but I am feeling better and better each and every day! I still can't sleep for very long and I struggle to get all of my protein in but I am so proud that I am sticking to this life style change! Well it's time to hit the shower and get off to work talk to y'all again next week!    


Two-Weeks post-op!

Mar 12, 2009

Well I have offically gone out and paid for a personal trainer and oh boy that did not come cheap!  I am down 18lbs from my weight the day of surgery but still don't have very much energy! I am living on protein, rice cerale, mashed potatoes, and water nothing else seems to agree with my stomach! I get to start working out at the gym at my three week mark which is 03.16.2009 so I hope this will give me more energy! I start back to work in 11 days and hope I can pull it all together!  Well just wanted to update my page! TTY soon . . .

The little things we take for granted . . .

Mar 07, 2009

OMG I finally got to take my first real shower today since surgery and it felt so wonderful!!!  I started the moring bright and early (6:30am), still not sleeping very well, took the longest shower in history and ate oatmeal for the first time but that did not agree with me what so ever!!!  Funny how one little thing will make it bad for the rest of the day! Oh well even though I'm not feeling all that great I am off to take a walk just wanted to post an update on my page . . . Talk to y'all soon

One week post~op!

Mar 02, 2009

Well I have officially made it one full week after surgery! I went into the hospital weighing in at 316 and as of today I weigh 309! Guess that is a small accomplishment to be proud of???  I have some good days and some really bad days with tolerating food and sever heart burn and indigestion but each and every day I try my best to drink lots of fluids and eat every 2.5 hrs and take my vitimins but boy is this all a challenge! Well I'm going to sign off for now just wanted to give y'all a quick update and let you know all your prayers and comments help keep me in good spirits so thanks so much!
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Day #3 . . .

Feb 25, 2009

I am alive and well just really sore from surgery thanks for all of your prayers and well wishes love y"all. This is the first major surgery that I have ever had in my entire life and boy is it an eye opener! I now understand why we must jump thru many hoops before having this surgery! I am still having trouble getting all of my protein in and water but I pray it will get better with time! This drain the Dr sent me home with is a pain but thank GOD my mother is a retired nurse she is taking wonderful care of me! Well just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your support and now I'm off to bed Iwill try and post again very soon.     

By the grace of GOD . . .

Feb 22, 2009

Well I have successfully made it thru the 72 hours of an all liquid diet and am now counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until I have to check into the hospical at 5 AM! This long awaited day is almost here and I am scared/excited/anxious all in one if that is even possible! My boys spent the entire weekend with me and that helped calm my nerves alittle bit! Deep in my heart I know that GOD is watching over me and would not have carried me this far if this wasn't for me so I am stepping out in faith early in the morning and I will post again once I am up and moving after my surgery! Thanks to all for the encouraging kind words from every one I really appreciate all the warmth and support and love!

OMG I gained 7lbs back!

Feb 19, 2009

So I had my pre-op appt with my Dr today and I have gained 7 lbs and I have been so faithful to my 1100 calorie diet!  I am so disappointed right now but I am determined to complete the next 72 hrs of a complete liquid diet! Surgery date is in three days . . .

Making a list and checking it twice!!!

Feb 11, 2009

Well by the grace of GOD I have successfully completed the following: Blood work, EKG, Chest x~ray, and last but not least my Pre~Op class with Stacey!!!  Yay me! ! !  Now I only have my last pre~op appt with Dr Patching and then it's on to surgery day 02/23/2009!!!  I am so excited and scared and anxious all at the same time! My neice Heather ONCE told me somethin that has stuck with me, she said NOTHING TASTES BETTER THAN THIN FEELS. . . So I am excited about finally getting to see first hand what that statement means!  TTYsoon

Blood Work Taken Care Of ! ! !

Feb 09, 2009

Well got orders on Friday 2/6/09 to get blood work, chest xray and EKG done all before 02/09/2009!  Amazing how many last minute details there are to get done before the actual surgery!!!  I survived the 12 hour fasting and managed to complete my blood work today!  I also managed to schedule my EKG for tomorrow morning at 8am and also schedule my mandatory pre-op class for tomorrow at 11am as well!  So close but yet so far . . .  12 days till surgery I am excited and scared all at the same time!

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