Doing good day 8 P-O

Jul 20, 2010

Had drain removed today and I'm feeling good. Talked about stool PA didn't seem to concerned said it was just left over blood. So all is well in my world I was told I could start water aerobics as soon as hole from drain closes so I'm hoping to go next Wednesday. Went and got the last vitamin I needed and started all vitamins yesterday. I knew I was not getting the protein in I needed so I started to have cottage cheese in the morning. Everything went fine but PA was like "no, stay on liquids" the rest of this week :-(  So oh well Dr's orders so no big deal, I can do I'm still struggling with protein, went to Vitamin Shoppe found Isopure water Alpine fruit seems to be ok, I got a little less than half the bottle down, I'm going to put it on ice with a spenda see if it will taste better. If it works I will by the powder and hope it taste the same.

Hope all my OH friends are doing well

Day 5 post opp

Jul 16, 2010

I started out really good today I was so excited to get in a Isopure 40 grams of protein Yes!!!  OK I was doing good Until it happened, Warning, really gross....But I  went to the toilet for a BM I felt it was very easy and I though mm mm maybe things where back to working. I did try to increase my water from being soo sick the day before. So anyways I got up too see black globs of stuff, look like old blood and cloths. So ofcourse to OH i head to see if anyone else has this happened. With mixed reviews I have paged the on-call Dr, waiting on his return call. Man I pray its just old blood and not a GI leak. I'm getting nervous....
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Rode out the sickness from Hell

Jul 15, 2010

Dr said keep drinking water, even tho I'm throwing up somethings gotta getting through important thing is to stay hydrated. So after a day of drinking throwing up. I woke at 2 with burning in my chest so I decided to take a pepcid. I had one big upchuck and it was over just like that?!?!! A few minutes later I took a Popsicle and got it down. 30 minutes later I got a 2nd one now working on my water. Water water water, sip sip sip  Thank the Lord its passed! 

4th day out post op

Jul 14, 2010

Everthing went well for surgery, I woke up with a drain down my nose and throat. I hate it So Tuesday morning they took iy out and I felt good, I felt evern better went nurse gave me a bath. I was ready to go home. All I was doing was watching TV and cat napping, and I can do those things at home. 
 Tuesday I walked around the floor of the hospital just to prove I was ready to go home. :-)
Thank goodness they let me go about 4:30 and I came home walked around house and hit the bed.
Once I left hospital I didn't take anymore pain meds I was afraid they would make me sick I just grind and bear'd the pain. I have a drain and pain medicine ball. Took the ball out yesterday pain on that side make me really wanna take Lortab but I gotta 6 yr old here and i gotta be somewhat alert for her.
Thursday.....this morning about 4am I got up to use bathroom, remembered I didnt take my pepcid and alll hell broke loose. The worst feeling I had ever felt in my stomach plus my bowels decided they wanted to move too. I felt slimies coming on. I was hot but no fever. At 5:30 I had to do an enima cause I was having a hard time going. Ok finished that emptied out bowels and thought all was well crawled back into bed. Slept for 40minutes until it was time to get my daughter up. I felt nausa so I took a nausa pill but there was still whirling and slime in my throat. I sat in my chair and threw up, drk brown maybe old blood. A few minutes passed my  mouth filled with slime and stuff one big throw up and I got the shakes and then it seem to pass. I sip sip sip on water and hr later it seems like it wants to start over again :( I already have a call into DR.  

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