4th day out post op

Jul 14, 2010

Everthing went well for surgery, I woke up with a drain down my nose and throat. I hate it So Tuesday morning they took iy out and I felt good, I felt evern better went nurse gave me a bath. I was ready to go home. All I was doing was watching TV and cat napping, and I can do those things at home. 
 Tuesday I walked around the floor of the hospital just to prove I was ready to go home. :-)
Thank goodness they let me go about 4:30 and I came home walked around house and hit the bed.
Once I left hospital I didn't take anymore pain meds I was afraid they would make me sick I just grind and bear'd the pain. I have a drain and pain medicine ball. Took the ball out yesterday pain on that side make me really wanna take Lortab but I gotta 6 yr old here and i gotta be somewhat alert for her.
Thursday.....this morning about 4am I got up to use bathroom, remembered I didnt take my pepcid and alll hell broke loose. The worst feeling I had ever felt in my stomach plus my bowels decided they wanted to move too. I felt slimies coming on. I was hot but no fever. At 5:30 I had to do an enima cause I was having a hard time going. Ok finished that emptied out bowels and thought all was well crawled back into bed. Slept for 40minutes until it was time to get my daughter up. I felt nausa so I took a nausa pill but there was still whirling and slime in my throat. I sat in my chair and threw up, drk brown maybe old blood. A few minutes passed my  mouth filled with slime and stuff one big throw up and I got the shakes and then it seem to pass. I sip sip sip on water and hr later it seems like it wants to start over again :( I already have a call into DR.  


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