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Dec 14, 2014

Last night we had 45 people (family) for a holiday dinner at my home. Two of the guests were my niece and nephew, Frank and Stephanie. Frank's mom, my sister-in-law, Maryanne, passed away last December. It was a tremendous loss and sadness for my entire family. She was only 62 years old when she died. Basically said, she died of obesity and almost every obesity related disease that you can imagine..uncontrolled diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, constant neuropathic pain, asthma and other breathing problems, hypertension,cognitive impairments due to three strokes suffered during the last 2 years of her life. As a result of the last stroke of her life, she was actually carried out of the temple during my daughter's wedding ceremony. My niece and her daughter Danielle is expecting her first child in the next 2 weeks, and Maryanne will never see and enjoy this grandson. Due to her obesity, Maryanne had suffered unbelievably during the last 10 years or so of her life.


My nephew Frank and his wife,Stephanie, of course saw this happening, and both of them made the conscious decision that they would do something about their own obesity before they started to get obesity related illnesses like Maryanne. Both had the sleeve gastrectomy done about a year and a half ago. Frank plateaued with his weight loss about 4 months ago at 105 lbs and Stephanie plateaud at just about the same time at 130 lbs. At the time of their surgeries, Frank and Stephanie were in their late 30's with two children. I saw them last night for the first time in about a year and couldn't believe what I saw. They look unbelievably fantastic, and both of them said to me that they feel rejuvenated and healthy. In fact, they look much younger (like in their 20's). They both ate and drank in moderation, and it was great to see. I spoke to both of them, and they both hope and pray that the surgery will enable them to avoid getting the dreaded diseases related to obesity, and will enable them to lead healthy lives. I wish them well and love. It is truly a success story!! Speak to ya soon.  


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