some good news

Jan 23, 2015

Hey guys: did my blood work last week before seeing the surgeon and my endocrinologist on February 3. My hemoglobin A1C dropped from 8.9 to 6.6 (WHICH IS ALMOST NON-diabetic), my cholesterol is 114, triglycerides are 115, and my good cholesterol is well within normal range. All my vitamin levels are fine. As of today, I am down 62.4 lbs since the surgery date of October 6, 2015. I finally gave in and brought some of the clothes that were too big on me now to a local tailor. She managed to "save" two suits, a sports jacket, four dress slacks and four casual pants. So i guess i now have a basic least for a little while. Eating is still a problem for me, so I think its time to get a little counseling. There's a therapist at a local NJ hospital whose practice is made up largely of post bariatric surgeon patients. Why? Do we have issues?...LOL See ya soon.


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