An update

Sep 11, 2015

It's over 7 months since my last post on this blog. In three more weeks it will be one year since my sleeve gastrectomy. I have lost 92.8 pounds, and have gone from a 48inch waist down to a 35 1/2-36 inch waist. I haven't been this thin since high school--over 40 years ago. Better yet, my hemoglobin A1-C went from a 9.8 to a 6.7, and I am no longer on Metformin and insulin (formerly took30 units baseline)before meals. The only diabetic medicine that I now take is 20 units of Lantus at nighttime. My cholesterol is 72, my triglycerides are 35, and both the good and bad cholesterol numbers are well within normal limits. The doctor just cut my Lipitor dose in half, and we hope to discontinue it after my next visit (three months from now). That's the good news.  But there are still some issues. I am still unable to eat real meals. I can hold down only about an ounce or two of food at any given meal, and often still throw up after dinner. Probably trying to eat too much or still eating too quickly.It's funny, but the only meal that I can reliably hold down is Special K cereal. I can eat it by the bowlful… and I mean real huge bowls.

I am looking into this problem further, since the doctor thinks it may be a dismotility issue with my esophagus that is causing the vomiting issue. I need to schedule a test that involves them putting in a nasal gastric tube for about 1/2 hour so that they can measure the pressure that is being exerted when my esophagus tries to push the food down towards my stomach ( or what is actually left of it).I will let you guys know more as soon as I can schedule the test. Speak to ya soon.


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