WOW.......where do I begin.  I am 53 yrs old and have had a weight problem since high school.  Of course back then it was not a huge issue, maybe just 15-20 lbs overweight.  I was pretty active in sports....swim team, tennis, and an avid horseback rider.  I gained a little more in college and by the end of college was up around 150-160 lbs. I went on all kinds of diets, weight watchers, hcg injections, etc.  I would always lose only to gain it back plus an extra 10.  The first time I hit 200 lbs I about died!!! Then Phen Phen came out and I went on that and lost about 35 lbs, and gained back about 45.  I suffered a miscarriage and went into a huge tailspin and gained even more.  Then I went on another form of Phen Phen called Phen Traz and again got below 200 only to gain it back plus.  Since then it has just inched up and somehow I got up to 250 lbs. I realize that I will never be able to lose it without help and I think WLS is the only way I will get it off and keep it off.  I was never interested in gastric bypass because I have a former neighbor whos daughter almost died from it.  She has had severe complications and has been hospitalized 3 times due to severe malnutrition.  Then I was all set on the lapband, until I started to hear some of the horror stories surrounding that....not even being able to swallow liquids, and of course the abiity to get fills and unfills. So now I have decided on the VSG with Dr. Alvarez.  I am just waiting on a settlement from our other house that finally sold...then I will have the money to proceed.   So I'm terrified but also very excited to embark on this adventure.

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