Guillermo Alvarez

"Dr. A definitley makes a great first impression. He is the most gracious and kind doctor I have ever met.....and I'm an RN so I've met lots of doctors. From the minute I walked into his office it was all about the patients. He took us into his office one at a time and thoroughly explained the procedure and what we should expect. He reaslly put me at ease. His partner is equally as gracious and kind. The other patient went into talk to him first and then Pricilla, his nurse, took her up to her room to get her started on blood work etc. After my meeting with him he personally took my luggage and took me up to the room. On the way up to the room I mnet his father. I'm fortunate that I can speak Spanish and his father asked me where I was from, was I nervous etc. He was also very gracious and put me at ease. Dr. A's staff is awesome. Rosy was right there at the airport waiting for me, and we had wonderful conversations on the way to Eagle Pass, HIs nurse Priscilla is also awesome. I felt very well cared for. The hospital is a tad old, but spotless. I was very impressed with the sterility procedures they use. The gourney that you leave your room on does not go into the OR. You are transferred through a horizontal window to another gourney that remnains in the sterile environment. All the nurses and the anesthesioligis were very attentive talking to me and explaining what they were doing. None of the nurses spoke English, but I was able to communicate with the in Spanish so I didn't have any trouble. But they are so attentive to your needs the language barrier wouldn't matter. They kept me on pain meds without my asking. Dr. does have a strict post-up protocol, which is very well explained. The success of this protocol shows in the fact that he has a very low leakage rate. I think surgical competence is probably the ost imnportant, but the bedside manner plays an important part in your overall well being. Fortunatley Dr. A. has both the competence and bedside manner. I would reccomend him to anywone."
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