24 hours to go

Mar 05, 2007

Having a relaxing day with the wife. I just uploaded my before pictures. Current weight is 472.5. Measurements were as follows:

Neck 18.5"
Chest 56"
Waist 64"
upper arms 17"
lower arms 14"
thighs 42.5"
calves 25"

9 days to go

Feb 25, 2007

I've got 9 days to go until surgery. Right now I'm trying to not get a cold, I'm determined that nothing will stop this surgery. I'm using vitamins and anything else Ican to make sure it doens't happen.

The day I'll remember forever Wed. Feb 21st

Feb 22, 2007

I got the call at 3pm that I have final approval for my revision from VBG to RNY. It's been exactly a year since I was first denied by Cigna and had to fight all year and then switch to UHC. I've got to say UHC has been great, I was first approved in 3 days and then had to wait another week because the office didn't have a code for the revision. It was one of the longest weeks of my life but now it's over. I go in on March 2nd for pre-op work.

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24 hours to go
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The day I'll remember forever Wed. Feb 21st