Two Weeks PostOp

Dec 31, 2009

I survived!  I'm 2 weeks postop and feeling great.  I've lost 19 pounds since surgery, but only 1 pound in the last 3 days, so I may have hit a stall.  I know stalls will happen and it's a natural reaction that my body will go through.  It has gotten a little frustrating since at first you see 2, 3, 4 pounds drop each day, then nothing. 

I'm on full liquids now and have eaten sugar free popcycles, sf pudding, yogurt, mashed potatoes, potatoe soup, refried beans, grits, and oatmeal.  I can't wait to start mushies on 1/6/10.  Casseroles here I come!

I can't eat very much, but what I eat is very satisfying.

I'm trying to do the Wii at least 4 days a week and last night I started lifting weights with my arms (2lbs only) to fight the flabby arms in the future.

I am so happy I got my sleeve.  I can't wait for what 2010 will bring!

Happy New Year to me!

6 Days Left

Dec 10, 2009

I have 6 days until my surgery.  I'm getting very nervous about it and the changes it will bring to my life.  I've made lots of changes so far and I hope my surgery will help me stick to those life changes.  I've been on the protein shake diet for 3 weeks now and I've lost about 10 pounds.  I'm down to 272.  My emotions are rollcoastering from excitement to anxious to guilt to scared.  I know I can do this and I know God has planned this for my life and I must use this new life chance to bring honor and glory to Him.  I've given control to him so that I can have peace.  I will be a better mother, wife, daughter, sister friend, and employee after this surgery. And to be able to shop in regular stores will be great, too! 
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Thanksgiving Plan

Nov 24, 2009

I've been on my protein shake diet for 1 week now and I've lost about 5 pounds.  I have a shake for breakfast and lunch, an apple with my lunch shake, a protein bar for afternoon snack and a sensible dinner.  Tomorrow, Thanksgiving, I will be swapping dinner for the yummy Thanksgiving lunch.  I am not going to pound the food like I used to.  Sensible smaller portions.  My surgery date is 12/16/09 and I've soooooo excited!!!  My husband is excited too, I think, but he is very scared and worried about the surgery.  He is a worry wart anyway.  I have two twin girls who will turn 3 on Jan. 8th., and I work full time as the controller for a company.  Time is very valuable.  I have to keep telling myself that I WILL be successful with this!!!  Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Surgery Date is December 16, 2009

Nov 11, 2009

My surgery date has been scheduled for 12/16/09.  I'm so excited and scared.  I have my nutritional counseling tomorrow along with the preop nutritional class.  I am assuming I will go to the liquid diet after tomorrow.  I've purchased a Wii and worked my way up to 12 minutes on the Wii Fit.  I have twin 2 year old girls, so time is very limited. My current weight is 280 and I'm 5ft 7in.   I pray that God will be with me throughout this process and I can remain positive and successful.

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