Feb 09, 2012

 Well, it's been awhile since I've been here. The RNY worked great. I lost right at 100 lbs, from 246 to 147. I stayed there for several months, and now I'm pregnant. So there's a lot of changes coming up. I've gained 14 lbs so far @ 6.5 months. We'll see how it goes. I'm back to some bad habits and part of me is scared that I won't be able to get back in control, but the rest of me remembers the good habits and how easy they were to follow once I got them started and I'm ok. Cutting back on the carbs post pregnancy will be the most difficult, I think. But it was successful for a long time. Hopefully it will be a tool for life. 

Great pouch day

Mar 26, 2010

 Yesterday was great. I found that fage mixed with sugar free watermelon syrup that I got on a whim in teh yum.I think watermelon is an  underappreciated taste. Then I made shrimp for meatless Friday using eggface's recipe and it also was teh yum. Not only that, but I ate some and it stayed down!! I made some of eggface's homemade tartar sauce and it was teh bomb. I also made some avocado mixed with fage to go along and it was great. And it all stayed down!! Then I had a sf ice cream sandwich for dessert.  Great day!

Back to work tomorrow

Mar 14, 2010

 I'm anxious. My skin infection on my nose hasn't cleared up. I didn't tell my kids why I was gone, now I have to make something up. I guess the infection will be as good as anything. I'm going to miss another half day Tuesday, which is going to suck for my 4th period. I can't find the dress I want to wear tomorrow. I had a good belly day the last few days. Still struggling with water. Protein is fine. I have my lunch and snacks all packed for tomorrow. Yah me. It's been 2 weeks and I feel great. Anxious though. 

Today was good

Mar 11, 2010

 Bellywise, today was great. I didn't throw up once. I still have leprosy on my nose. Hopefully that will clear up before school Monday. I finally picked my daughter up from my parents this morning and we went shopping. Our Basic Foods had all the stuff I needed. I got some tofu to make for meatless Friday tomorrow. DH said he's not going to to eat it, but I'm going to make tofu parmesean. It will be an adventure. I also got some soy chips for later on, some quinoa and tvp and I found the liquid calcium. G and I took a walk today too. And we went to chick fil a so she can play. I've been incorporating solids little by little. I ate some chick fil a chicken salad. Not a lot, maybe 1/4 of a cup, but I did well. Chewed, chewed. I've been good on getting the protein in and working on the water. 

Yesterday was good

Mar 10, 2010

 I have a staph infection on my nose, so I'm housebound. Bellywise it was good. I got in my protein and water. Today hasn't been great. I threw up yogurt. and water is sitting heavy. Yuck. Sip sip sip

Bad day today

Mar 08, 2010

 I had a puking episode today. I did too much I think and tried to drink too much at one time. This is the first time I've had trouble getting stuff down and it felt bad. I had a pre-made shake and it just sat there for about 3 hours, then came up. I hate puking. I know i'm not getting in my protein or liquid today, but I'll keep working and do better tomorrow. That's all I can do. The shakes make me nauseus, so I'm using sugar free pudding, but I'm taking that slow too. I'm taking the sipping water slow too. I haven't had problems with that before, but now I'm being extra cautious. 

5 days post - op

Mar 06, 2010

 Well, I'm home now. My daughter and I were at my parents for a few days after I was released from the hospital so they could take care of us, but now we're home with hubby. My pain is way down. I've gotten in the protein through the shakes and I'm doing ok on water. I"m going to start measuring the water tomorrow to make sure i"m getting it all in. I'm doing the 2 vitamins and 3 calciums, even though both taste like ass. I have another week of liquid then I can eat food. Kinda scared about that. Real food in my belly. Sometimes it doesn't seem like I had surgery because I'm not having trouble getting the water or shakes down,  but there is more belchy gas and still some soreness. I had my pain meds without much in my system today and it messed me around, but  I sipped and slept and am better now. We're planning to go to church tomorrow, then next week is spring break. I've been walking around the house and outside a bit, but prolly not nearly as much as I need to. I'll work on that more this week with my family. 

Post op

Mar 04, 2010

 Feeling bad. In pain, discomfort. That's surprising to me. I'm with my parents now to recouperate. Pain meds help, but knock me out. I'm working on sipping water, trying to walk around. The gas pain just started, I feel like I'm getting better, but not great yet.

Hanging in there.

Feb 24, 2010

 Still here. Still on the diet. A little hungry sometimes. The peristalsis churns my stomach and it's annoying, but livable. I started hard today. Better to have it now than next week. 2 more days of school, then the weekend. Surgery Monday. Can't wait!

Doing ok.

Feb 20, 2010

 Better than ok, really. Considering I'm on a liquid diet. Still in a bad mood with the kids, but I'm blaming them. I'm not in the mood to clean house, but it really needs to be done. I cooked for Scott yesterday, lots of stuff for this week and didn't even want to take a bite. I cheated a little yesterday, but I had planned to. It really was the last meal type of thing and it was bad, but not insurmountable. Now I"m back on liquids for the next week + 2 weeks out. I'm starting to shop and look forward to "real" food. I've found eggface blog and she really showed me how well I can eat post op. I cook a lot of those things now, and I can certainly not eat the rice or pasta or bread. Mushrooms and onions and chicken and cheese. Yum. I found some more sugar free syrups yesterday. I went to the HEB plus in Bmt and the Basic Foods. I found some wasabi powder and some pesto for later - tuna salads. I want to get a food processor to puree foods or a whizzer stick. 1 more week; just 1 more week. We need to clean the house today and tomorrow. 

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