My story is the same as many others. I have been bigger than others since nearly birth and it had continued to get worse as the years passed. I can remember being in kindergarden and first grade and feeling so embarrassed and ashamed to be weighed for the yearly physical fitness test because I was already 100 pounds and everyone else was around 50 or 60. I could feel that I was larger than them though honestly, didn't think that I was twice their size until I saw those numbers. And after that, they knew it too! Now I still cannot bring myself to tell my numbers, not even to my husband, because in my mind an overweight person's weight is even more personal than shared love or sex. Maybe when I become small enough that I don't identify with that huge person anymore, then I'll tell. Until then I just can't bring myself to feel that vulnerable and subhuman again. One day at a time is how I live life now, each coming day a bit better than the last, and this surgery has given me that chance to feel comfortable in my own skin. So.. onward and upward!

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