VGS revison to RNY

Jan 13, 2022

Hello! I had a VGS in 2013 and just this past November ia had a sleeve revision to a RNY due to complications since a pregnancy in 2019. I've gone from 254 to 225 since my surgery, and I feel like I'm losing weight soooo much slower since the last time. I seem to lose a few pounds and then not lose any for like 8 days..and then lose a little more. I also feel like I can eat more than I should be able to. I'm not pushing it, and I watch what I'm eating, but I feel like I should be getting full much quicker. Is it possible, the surgery didn't work like it should of? Is that even a thing? Could my pouch have stretched already? I'm just a little freaked I guess, because the recovery was A Lot more painful this time around, and I don't want this to fail! 


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Jan 13, 2022
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