St. Luke's Medical Center (COE)

"What can you say? From the beginning to the end I felt like I was special. Couldnt ask for more. Thank you St Lukes for a great experience. "

Hilario Juarez

"Doc Juarez is a funny caring doctor. I was very impressed with him at the seminar. He took time to answer questions, even ones that were repeated. He never appeared impatient with the people. I haven't gone to the consult yet, so can't critique that area yet. Im looking forward to him doing this surgery. Nov.29,2002: I went to my consultation on the 20th. There were so many people there, but they were all happy. It was a good atmosphere. The staff is great, and the doc is very personable. He lookes you right in the eye when he talks to you and wants to know what you expect from this surgery. I think I will be in good hands. "
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San Manuel, AZ
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Jul 15, 2002
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