Time Has Flown By!!!

Jun 30, 2009

I have since had twins in Feb/09 and maintained my weightloss...I am actually smaller now than I was when I got pregnant @ 210. I currently am weighing 162 and wearing a size 14/16 jeans... I am very comfortable with my size and would like to go down maybe 2 more sizes and I am slowly working on that. I have been blessed to not have any complications from my surgery..I still take my vitamins daily and my whole focus when it comes to food is protein......I can honestly say that my relationship with food has changed so dramatically .....Before I used to eat out of boredom or being lonely or for socialization. I eat now because I have to.....I no longer plan activities around food and when this does happen I find my self not really enjoying myself and getting anxious cause its not what I really want to do....I also can say that I crave sugar on a daily basis...Prior to my surgery Sugar was never my thing it was fried foods.....Now that I have had the surgery I find that I need some type of sugar daily....I try not to eat it but I do in moderation.... I dont get sick like other people from eating sugar unless it is something really sweet....And sick for me is just feeling nauseous....So i may eat 2 cookies a day just to cure the desire...So that is my weekness that I am trying to stop.....


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