I am a Type 1 diabetic who has struggled with my weight since my first and only chid, 13 years ago.  I wear an insulin pump and have absolutely magnificent control of my diabetes.  I have faced much prejudice from the medical profession who often times seems unable to take an obese patient, and their medical issues seriously-unable to see past the obesity.
After much consideration I decided to have bariatric surgery, and am just home today from the hospiatl, having had my RNY on April 22, 2008.  I have had to fight (and there truly is no other word) with ALL of the docs involved, to keep my insulin pump throughout this process, but have managed to keep my BG under control, and am thrilled about that.
I am happy to talk with anyone, and have particular interest in talking with other Type 1 diabetics.  
Although I am brand new and yet to see any weight loss, my advice to anyone involved in this process is to remember that YOU are in charge, and YOU must take complete control of your health.  In the end, being an informed participant in your healthcare will only benefit you.
I will keep everyone posted and look forward to posting my first 'smaller, healthier' pics!!

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