FEEL GREAT!! Its been 4 weeks since my surgery and I am down 29 1/2lbs!! OH WHAT A FEELING!! My surgeon is wonderful!! THANK YOU!!! And Thank you all for your continued support!!

WHAT A LOSER I AM!!! I'm 10 weeks out and I'm down 47.5lbs! It's been a REAL ADJUSTMENT but all worth it!! Having some trouble getting in all the liquids I need to-but I just keep trying!! I've cleaned out my closet and have gotten rid of more then half of it! OH WHAT A FEELING!!! :-)


WOW!!!! Where do I begin?! It's been 5 1/2 months since my surgery and -72lbs ago!!! Seems like a lifetime!! According to the charts, I should still lose 20 more in order to be at the "ideal" weight for my height but everyone is saying I can't stand to lose anymore. It has been an amazing experience. It's been so wonderful buying new cloths in the juniors dept!!! I am into a size 9 jeans now!! (size 16) And I'm buying shirts in a medium. I will have to tell you though--the toughest part of all this has been creating a new relationship with food. It's been so mentally challenging. I've really been struggling with the changes--so much has changed, including the way that people treat me. I get so much more attention now from people--and what amazes me is I am the same person I was 72lbs ago!! It's amazing how the world treats people differently just because of there weight. I have had some problem getting in the amount of liquids and the amount of protein. I'm still working on it. Another side effect that I have experienced I'm losing hair---not really bad--but when I get out of the shower and brush it when it is wet--lots comes out! I'm not too worried. It did this after I had my son almost 4 years ago.

I go back to see Dr. O on May 12th to see how the blood work is. I havn't been working out like I think I should be--but I do find myself being alot more active then I was before surgery. I did sign up at the gym and was going for a few weeks but haven't in about 3. Last but not least---I want to thank everyone again that had given me all the support pre & post op!!! This website has been amazing!! THANK YOU ALL!!!! :-)

My appt on the 12th was rescheduled--I go to see Dr O on this Wed. I'll update more then!! I have submitted a recent photo--check it out!! :-) 147lbs----75lbs lost----17 to go!!

MAY 21, 2006

I had my 6 month check up last week and it went pretty good. Dr. O is really happy with my progress. The only thing he said about my bloodwork was that my B12 level was on the low end side of normal. He wants me to switch vitamins. I told him that I was more then satisfied with the weight I have lost and he said he would like me to lose alittle bit more. As of today I am weighing in at 145.5, according to those darn charts I should be at 128 for my height. I really can't imagine weighing that little--everyone around me keeps telling me I can't afford to lose any more weight. I'm actually referred to as "TINY" by many. It's such a weird feeling. It's hard to get use to. I bought my first pair of shorts for the summer---size 8! That was really great!

I have to say that everyday is still a fight. The life style change is unexplainable. I'm struggling hard with getting the proper amount of liquid I should be. And another thing I'm having issues with is my chest~~I've always had a big chest and it has really deflated! (for lack of better term.) I was a size 44DD when I delivered my son 4 years ago--prior to that I was at least a 36C-D all of my life and after my son I went back down to that. I'm wearing about a 34C-D--which doesn't sound much smaller--but they are. I'm out buying padded push up bras!! NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD EVER!!

Anyway!!! I'll post some more pics soon--want to get a full body shot on here!! Till next time---SMILE!!! BE HAPPY!!

HAPPY 2007!!!! It's been some time since I last posted anything!! Just been so busy!!! LIFE IS GRREAT ON THE LOSING SIDE!!! It's been over a year now and I have reached and passed my goal weight!!! I weigh 127lbs now and I have for months now! I feel just wonderful !!!!! This past year has been fantastic!! I bought a new pair of pants for a christmas party and they were a size "1"!!!! Christmas 2005 I was wearing a 14!! I'm eating well and drinking all the liquids I need to. I've been fortunate not to have many problems. Another amazing thing that happened to me this past year-----I have fallen in love!! Just when I didn't think I would ever find anyone--------THERE HE WAS!!!! It's awesome!!! I'll post some new pictures once I get a chance to.



APRIL 17, 2007

Here I am again!!!  What a ride this has all been!!!  WOULDN'T CHANGE IT FOR THE WORLD!!  I'm finally figuering how to update this site!!  I feel AMAZING!!!  I go back to see Dr. O on the 4th of May--the day after my 35th birthday.  I'm looking forward to seeing what my bloodwork is.  I'll keep you all updated!!!  GOD BLESS!!!

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