Merry Christmas

Dec 19, 2008

Hello family and friends,

     I want to take this time to say Hello and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It has been a long 3 month since

surgery and at time's it's been really ruff. I started home on October3 with Bud's help and made it fine with the OH bear 

between me and  the seat belt to protect my surgery  ports. For the first month it was nothing but liquid and ice. Month

2 was mush food as instructed by Dr. Avara. This went pretty good. By month 3 (December) I was in trouble. I could not

keep anything down hardly at all. Dr. Avara found out I had a blockage in my esophagus and had to take me back to surgery

to open up my trough so I could eat again. This took another 2 week to try to get back to some kind of schedule of eating.

Today I can happily report I'm eating and going the YMCA as part of my Christmas present so I can continue to swim since

it has gotten cold down here and mine is close for the winter. It also has bikes and tread mills for walking since our winter

consist of rain not snow (bummer). I have lost to date a total of 80 pounds since the start of my journey in June. I have lost

total of 53 since surgery.  So please continue to read my blog and keep in touch. God Bless you all Merry CHRISTmas.

                                                             LOVE TO ALL, Linda


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