Scheduled for DS on 11/6/12

Aug 25, 2012

11/2/10 VSG done J Stephen Scott MD FACS SSM DePaul Weight Loss Institue, St Louis, MO  Weight loss was 105 lbs in the first 20 months.
8/25/12 weight re gain 35 lbs.  DC with brains tumor and need DS to finsh the WLS journey and the cont loss and hopefully healing of DM and HTN cured with DS and staying on program.  I think the DX of a brain tumor and life stuff !!! Well threw me into eating carbs for comfort again and isolation.  Back on track with support groups and eating and exercise.  Wll see what happens for brain surgery scheduled in the spring on 2013.  I am self pay so that is why things are so spread out.  Need to refinance the house, save vacation days from work and save $$$$.  BTW my MD J Steven Scott MD FACS is now with Des Peres Hospital, My New Self program in St Louis, MO  and it is having many many many many did I say many issues with extreme growth and patient support.  But he is a  world class great surgeon.  Thankfully I only have to minally deal with the office staff since I am self pay.   Any good , bad and the ugly of post op DS?  I fear most post op diarrhea and gas.  What is the plan to avoid that so I am not avoided at work?  Is it all diet related? 

Moving to the Right track...

Dec 11, 2011

Today is Dec 11,2011,A non special day, cold but sunny this morning. I got out of the house to do grocery shopping. I have been home sick last week doing a lot of thinking post VSG 13 months and slipping in to non healthy habits.
I heard a sermon many , many years ago about an eagle tethered to a post and he walked and walked and walked in a circle as long as the tether would allow. He made a rut and even after the tether was removed he stayed in that rut.  It was comfortable as all he knew.  I think of my VSG surgery as getting untethered and MY job to get out of that rut.  I did GREAT for 10 months then all I can think of is LIFE got in the way and slowly I just moved back nearer and nearer to that rut, it was safe, known territory and comfortable.  Not healthy, not pleasant not what I wanted but I held on,but life was there for me to start living again.  So today on Dec 11,2011 I declare I am moving out of my rut, my chains have been broken and I have plans to move ahead with regaining my freedom and weight loss to meet my goals. As I said I went to the store for correct foods. made and packaged some meals for work and supper.  Boxed up and gave away starchy foods.  Cleaned up the counters and got the blender back out to make my protein shakes for breakfast and long commute to work.  Walked today. Just unloading the car and not sitting in my recliner all day makes me very happy and hopeful.  Just my ramblings and thoughts.  Maja.

6+ Month Surgiversary

May 22, 2011

Well, I can barely remember surgery,  It was so no eventful.  I really like the care in the hospital and being off work for 8 weeks.  I have lost using O2 to breath when walking and sleeping, diabetes pills, using a walker and cane for ambulation, fear of  going out because I might get "stuck" and not able to walk to my car, and lost 110# since this journey began pre op.  I have gained reflux, thinning of hair, some smaller sized clothes and shoes and self confidence.  I no longer want to be the person who disappears into the crowd, and I am more assertive sometime verging on aggressive.  I need to learn to speak my mind and present my needs without attacking people.  Something to be learned at 55 years old??  Must be.  Still many many more pounds to lose and more health to regain but the jouney has been great so far and will be a work in progress.  I have started to walk more and more and it is amazing!!!  To think I nearly lost that battle just 6 months ago.  Thanks OH friends.



Oct 30, 2010

 The two weeks of pre op liquids was harder than I thought.  More emotinally than food hunger.  I fell off the wagon numerous time but shook off the dust, had some talks with myself and always got back on the wagon.  I think of food and plan for food all the time!  Today is Sunday 10/31/10.  My friend and I cleaned out my pantry and the kitchen yesterday. It was like a history of my eating habits without the snack food.  That was eliminated weeks ago.  We threw out many garbage bags of expired food, packed three Large boxes of shelf stable food for the church food pantry and reorganized food for immediate post op and later on items to be consumed.  I have enough Cases of bottled water, Crystal light, decaf tea bags, canned broth, boullion cubes etc...enough to float a boat !!  My mantra why buy one if six is better !!  I am looking forward to surgery in 2 days, Many, Many bridges to cross .... mountains of fat to loose ... Life to explore !!


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