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Dec 11, 2011

Today is Dec 11,2011,A non special day, cold but sunny this morning. I got out of the house to do grocery shopping. I have been home sick last week doing a lot of thinking post VSG 13 months and slipping in to non healthy habits.
I heard a sermon many , many years ago about an eagle tethered to a post and he walked and walked and walked in a circle as long as the tether would allow. He made a rut and even after the tether was removed he stayed in that rut.  It was comfortable as all he knew.  I think of my VSG surgery as getting untethered and MY job to get out of that rut.  I did GREAT for 10 months then all I can think of is LIFE got in the way and slowly I just moved back nearer and nearer to that rut, it was safe, known territory and comfortable.  Not healthy, not pleasant not what I wanted but I held on,but life was there for me to start living again.  So today on Dec 11,2011 I declare I am moving out of my rut, my chains have been broken and I have plans to move ahead with regaining my freedom and weight loss to meet my goals. As I said I went to the store for correct foods. made and packaged some meals for work and supper.  Boxed up and gave away starchy foods.  Cleaned up the counters and got the blender back out to make my protein shakes for breakfast and long commute to work.  Walked today. Just unloading the car and not sitting in my recliner all day makes me very happy and hopeful.  Just my ramblings and thoughts.  Maja.


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