23 months post-op

Jan 13, 2009

It has been almost 2 years since surgery and overall I couldn't be happier with the results.  However, I have managed to gain back 13 pounds and I weighed in today at 160.  That number scares me to death!  So I have decided that starting tomorrow I will do the 5day pouch diet and start back to exercising regularly and log my results in here every week until I am back down to at least 147.  (I would really like to go all the way to my orginal goal of 135, we'll see.) 
I think the weight came back for a couple of reasons:
1.  Stopped exercising
2.  Didn't follow the rules (protein first, no drinking with meals, started back on the sugar)
3.  Got really comfortable with my success and didn't think I needed to be careful anymore

I really hate the way my clothes are fitting right now - pants are getting a bit tight when they used to be loose.  I REFUSE TO BUY BIGGER CLOTHES EVER AGAIN!!!!  That is why I am stopping this weight regain right now, I am the one in control, and I will lose this excess weight.
My goal is to lose 3 pounds by next Tuesday (1/20/09) 


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