Almost 1 Year!!!!

Jul 12, 2009

It has almost been 1 year (July 15)!!!!  It has gone by so quickly.  I am down 99lbs and I am hoping to lose that last pound before my 1 year follow up on July 20.  It is just a number but I still want that number :)

I have had very few problems.  I am currently fighting low blood sugar.  But how cool for the first time in my life I am fighting "low" anything :)

I have made some great friends during this experience close and far!!!!  Some of those friends and I began a community support group in our suburb.  It is great!!!  We have begun going to Zumba together.  We meet about twice a month and just talk and share with each other.  It is amazing how something like this can be so much bigger than just weight lose!!!  I love my new friends here in Bartlett!!!!  They make it so much easier to stay on track AND to get back on track when I fall off!!!!  We support each other and it is wonderful!!!! (Sandy, Emily, Alice, Donna, Nikki, Tara, Kathy, Edith, Ann, are great!!!!)

I am constantly worried about gaining the weight back.  I hope that fear never goes away!!!  I do hope that my brain catches up with my body.  I went out on the town to see "Wicked".  I wore a dress and shoes that I would have NEVER worn before!  (See photos)  When my friend and I were walking comments were made to us by a group of men.  I assumed that they were speaking just to her.  They couldn't find me appealing at all.  But she pointed out that they were talking to both of us and I know she was right but it is still hard for me to grasp.  It is new and a little intimidating.  But I am having fun!  I now LOVE to clothes shop :)

Thanks to all the OHers that have offered advice and support over the last year!!!


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