8 Months ago on this day!!

Nov 15, 2010

Wow it has been a wonderful 8 months! I started this journey at 286lbs and wearing a 22/24 pants  I now weigh in at 171lbs and I had on a size 10 jean yesterday so here goes my Happy Dance !!!!! It is AWESOME... I can not Thank 
Dr. Hata and the Staff at Hickory Surgical and to Libby and Lynn at Catawba you guys have given me my life back and I am looking so forward to each day that I wake up and I have so much energy and pep in my step and I am on the go. It is a wonderful life that I have now and that I am LIVING it each day.

Another WOW moment!!

Oct 14, 2010

Well yesterday I went to some local consignment shops and bought me some new clothes and went into dressing room to try them on and got the shock of my life I fit into a size 12!!!! Whooooooo this is freaking awesome!!! I turned 41 on the 12th and I could not have asked for a better Birthday present than that. I do not ever remember wearing a size 12 I know at some point I prob did but it is not anything I can ever remember. Surgery on March 15th, 2010 starting weight 286 lbs and now I am 175 lbs PRICELESS!!!!!!

Things have changed so much

Sep 09, 2010

Hello everyone I hope all is well with each of you. Thought I would do a quick update it has been awhile since my last post.
I have now lost a total of 102 lbs since my journey started and I can't believe how much things have changed in my life in the last 6 months. It has been a miracle to say the least. I went to the beach and was able to get out and enjoy my time with my family with out being tired and run down, I got up each morning before everyone else and went and did at least a 2 mile walk and some days was 4 miles and it was Awesome! I realized this past week that when I do walk my legs no longer rub together WOW never thought I would see that day. I have so enjoyed the changes in my body and my life as a result of having Gastric Bypass I feel so alive and I am so happy it is truely amazing!! Thank you again to Hickory Surgical and Dr.Hata you are my hero for giving me my life back.
I also would like to share with my OH family another life changing event that happened with me this week one that I have waited for years to happen I GOT MARRIED!!!!!!  I have waited on that day to get here since 2001 and it finally got here and I am floating on cloud 9. I was not comfortable with getting married with my health the way it was I honestly did not think
it was fair for hubby to be tied down to a overweight, sick, unhappy mess I was. I had to take care of me first and get to the point I wanted to be before I could take that step in my life. He was wonderful about the entire thing and he has supported me like you would not believe and when I got to the point and was ready he was still waiting and ready himself. Thank you Rick for being there and supporting me thru all of these years!!


Jul 25, 2010

Well today is July 26Th it has been awhile since I posted a update and thought today would be a good day to just do that, I got up to get ready for work today and decided I would hop up on the scales and check out the old weight on my 19Th week post surgery date and to my surprise I have met a goal I had set for myself and that was to weigh under 200 lbs!! Whooooo
I weigh 199 this morning!!!! Yip-pie I did it!!!! I have not weighed under 200 lbs since before 1987 Wow what a long way I have came in 19 weeks. I owe so much to Dr Hata and his Great Staff at Hickory Surgical they have really and truly gave me my life back and I THANK them so much! I have lost 87 lbs since March 15Th and it has been AWESOME. This has been such a life Change. I am walking and riding a bike and playing with my Grand babies and just so Happy with life at this time some day's I am afraid I will wake up and it will all have been a dream. Thank You God for bringing Dr.Hata into
my life and all of my New Friends here on OH and through my SWL support group you guys make a big difference in this entire process for me!
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Things are Changing!

May 08, 2010

Can't believe it's been 7 weeks now and I already have 44 lbs behind me. I have been doing well no sickness as in dumping I have started having nausea alot lately and food that I was able to eat is now harder to get down and it not make me queasy like turkey deli meats I have tried eating for last 2 days. Im not sure if it is just fact I have eat it so much and
now I dont want it or if its just a diff in my taste now. I have been told by several people that what you eat now 2 months down road you may not be able to eat and now I do believe that is what is happening to me. I feel good other than that
I can breathe better, I can get out and walk and not get outta breath, I dont want to stay in bed all of the time on my days off,
I want to stay on the go all the time and it is AWESOME!!!! I so wish I would have done this years ago it is kinda sad to sit
and think of the years and time I have wasted and thing's I have missed out on by being so unhealthy and overweight.
Thank you to all of my friends who have been so nice and supportive of me and to anyone who is reading my blog if you
are ready for a change and are considering surgery GO FOR IT you will not be sorry I don't think!!!!

Another Day

Mar 22, 2010

Well I am back at work today I made it 10 hours and then went home and was in bed by 7 and slept till 530 this morning! Those 10 hours kicked my butt! I weighed this morning and since I started this Journey I have lost 28 lbs. I started at 286 and this morning I am at 258 YAHOOOOO!! This is so cool and exciting. Hope all of my WLS Friends have a great day and thanks for all of the msgs and well wishes. This is such a wonderful Family to have.  

Back to work today!

Mar 22, 2010

I had my surgery one week ago today and I am back at work! I can't believe how well this has went for me I have had very
little pain at all, have had no problems in bathroom dept, and have already started the mashed and puree part of diet and
that is going well. My Surgeon I do believe had did a Awesome Job with me! Thank you Dr. Hata you Rock!!!!

Surgery is done

Mar 15, 2010

Surgery is done and all went well! I have already walked twice and have gotten my cath out. The pain is not bad at all today just feels like I have been punched in tummy several times! They did tell me tomorrow would be when the pain hits so not looking forward to that LoL.  

On my way

Mar 14, 2010

On my way to the hospital today is THE day!!! Goodluck to all of my fellow WLS Friends who are under going this with me today!! Lots of Love to All.  

2 days left!!!!

Mar 12, 2010

Well its 2 more days left and my surgery day will be here bright and early Monday morning I have to be at hospital
at 6am with surgery set for 730am and I am so excited and ready. I still have to get my bag packed and stuff put
together but that want take to long to do. I am so glad I have had to work all weekend it has helped to keep me
busy and on track with my pre-op diet I know if I had been at home I would have had a hard time not cheating on the
diet. Since I am at work I have to pack my food which I pack only what I can have and I work for 12 hours so by time I
am home I have little time to eat and really I am to tired so that is a bonus for me. I have lost 13 lbs so far since my
very first meeting with the Doc and got the process started so that is a plus I was at 286 and now I am down to 273!!!

I hope everyone will keep me in their thoughts and prayer's and that each one of you will have a blessed day and
stay safe.
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