Things are Changing!

May 08, 2010

Can't believe it's been 7 weeks now and I already have 44 lbs behind me. I have been doing well no sickness as in dumping I have started having nausea alot lately and food that I was able to eat is now harder to get down and it not make me queasy like turkey deli meats I have tried eating for last 2 days. Im not sure if it is just fact I have eat it so much and
now I dont want it or if its just a diff in my taste now. I have been told by several people that what you eat now 2 months down road you may not be able to eat and now I do believe that is what is happening to me. I feel good other than that
I can breathe better, I can get out and walk and not get outta breath, I dont want to stay in bed all of the time on my days off,
I want to stay on the go all the time and it is AWESOME!!!! I so wish I would have done this years ago it is kinda sad to sit
and think of the years and time I have wasted and thing's I have missed out on by being so unhealthy and overweight.
Thank you to all of my friends who have been so nice and supportive of me and to anyone who is reading my blog if you
are ready for a change and are considering surgery GO FOR IT you will not be sorry I don't think!!!!


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